Video of the Day #36: The Olympic Symphonium

Tonight Video of the Day section takes us to Fredericton, Canada and it’s time to introduce my latest musical love affair, The Olympic Symphonium. My first date with The Olympic Symphonium was about an hour ago, but I’m already ready to introduce them to my mom. The excellent Southern Souls video blog have captured them playing their whole new album live and I’ve been watching those videos over and over again. Three guys playing beautiful folk songs and singing their hearts out. My kind of stuff and I’m definitely going to buy their new album The City Won’t Have Time To Fight that came out a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s one of those wonderful videos. I won’t post them all, because you really should visit the fabulous Southern Souls website that contains huge amount of amazing videos. I know I will be spending a huge amount of time there during the next few weeks.

A Lot To Learn by The Olympic Symphonium:

The Olympic Symphonium Website
Southern Souls Website

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