OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #179

Another week, another new music weekly.

I had a dreadful headache this morning and therefore I didn’t have as much time / energy to work on this as usual. I kinda wanted to leave this for tomorrow, but forced myself to finish it tonight. Sorry for all the typos and stuff I missed. I try do a better job next week.

Isaac Vallentin and Erisy Watt can share the album of the week honor. Very fond of these albums after just a few spins. Extremely highly recommended albums. A long time favorite Christian Lee Hutson fulfills this week’s big three. That’s not all though and there’s beautiful new albums from Vaden Landers, Kayla Von Der Heide, Elliah Heifetz, The Dead Tongues, The Hellacopters, Molly Tuttle & The Golden Highway, Paul Cauthen, Papercuts, Kathleen Edwards (EP), Blue Wilson, nudista (EP), Jenna & The Janes, Karima Walker (album of demos), Jeremie Albino (EP), The Wave Pictures (EP), Clea Anais, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble and Jenna Rae.

The Finnish section has albums from Muuan Mies and J. Karjalainen plus a run of singles from SaintPolis, Maustetytöt X Agents and Antero Kaksikäsi. I’m sure there had to be more.

My favorite international singles are the new ones from Willi Carlisle and Simon Joyner. Some first class songwriting there for sure. Other big faves came from the ones like John Calvin Abney, Izaak Opatz, Devil’s Coattails, Nathan Kalish, John Craigie, Dungeon of Skeletons, Icarus Phoenix and Angel Olsen. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Too tired to write more tonight. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. To know that someone reads and/or listens gives a reason to continue. Now I need some sleep. Back next week. Love from a distance.

1. Isaac Vallentin – Great Blue Heron (Juma, Gatekeepers of Love, 2022)
2. Erisy Watt – Blue (Eyes Like the Ocean, American Standard Time Records, 2022)
3. Christian Lee Hutson – State Bird (Quitters, Anti, 2022)
4. Vaden Landers – Our Love Goes On (Lock the Door, Hill House Records, 2022)
5. Kayla Von Der Heide – Marigold (Marigold, 2022)
6. Willi Carlisle – Tulsa’s Last Magician (single, Free Dirt Records, 2022)
7. Simon Joyner – Tekamah (single, BB* Island, 2022)
8. Elliah Heifetz – Denver (First Generation American, Legal Smile, 2022)
9. The Dead Tongues – Through the Glass (Dust, Psychic Hotline, 2022)
10. John Calvin Abney – Full Moon Friend (single, Black Mesa Records, 2022)
11. Kathleen Edwards – Dogs and Alcohol (Dogs and Alcohol EP, Dualtone, 2022)
12. Izaak Opatz – Shampoo (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2022)
13. Nathan Kalish – Past the Everglades (single, JTMMusic, 2022)
14. Devil’s Coattails – Black Rose Tattoo (single, Vocal Rest Records, 2022)
15. Jay Gavin – A Harley Someday (single, 2022)
16. Molly Tuttle & The Golden Highway feat Margo Price – Flatland Girl (Crooked Tree, Nonesuch Records, 2022)
17. Paul Cauthen – Roll On Over (Country Coming Down, Velvet Rose Records / Thirty Tigers, 2022)
18. Dungeon of Skeletons – Doom & Gloom (single, 2022)
19. The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness – Open up the Box (single, Bobo Integral, 2022)
20. Papercuts – Palm Sunday (Past Life Regression, Labelman, 2022)
21. Icarus Phoenix – If I’m in the Matrix (For Josh) (single, 2022)
22. Blue Wilson – Big Tex (Future Street, Acrophase Records, 2022)
23. nudista – confess (Halfway Here EP, Sad Club Records, 2022)
24. Jenna & The Janes – Watching News (Earth Dog Year, Pitch & Prose, 2022)
25. Karima Walker – Reconstellated (demo) (demos, Keeled Scales, 2022)
26. John Craigie – Count Me Down (single, 2022)
27. Jeremie Albino – Buck (Past Dawn EP, Good People Record Co, 2022)
28. SaintPolis feat Olli Haavisto – Lucky Stars (single, 2022)
29. J. Karjalainen – Eddie Boyd -polaroid (Soulavaris, Warner, 2022)
30. Muuan mies – Levon (Pari paskaa biisiä, Helmi Levyt, 2022)
31. Maustetytöt X Agents – Salattu suru (single, Vallila Music House / Is This Art 2022)
32. Antero Kaksikäsi feat King Weird – Kuulun kaupunkiin (single, Hyvät levyt, 2022)
33. The Hellacopters – Can It Wait (Eyes of Oblivion, Nuclear Blast, 2022)
34. Marc Valentine – Last Train Tonight (single, 2022)
35. Bloods with Laura Jane Grace – I Like You (single, Share It Music, 2022)
36. The Wave Pictures – Secret Messages (When The Purple Emperor Spread His Wings: Spring EP, Moshi Moshi Records, 2022)
37. GospelbeacH – It’s Too Late (single, Curation Records, 2022)
38. Kate Bollinger – Lady in the Darkest Hour (single, Ghostly, 2022)
39. Clea Anais – Under the Blue of the Moon (Circle Zero, Factotum Co, 2022)
40. The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – Time to Rebuild (Step Down, Colemine Records, 2022)
41. Ben Pirani – Benji’s Peach Pit (single, Palmetto Street Recording Company, 2022)
42. Burn the Louvre feat Stephanie Deshane – Alison (single, Broken Glass Records, 2022)
43. Damien Jurado – Roger (single, Field Painting Music, 2022)
44. Erika Lewis – A Thousand Miles (single, 2022)
45. Mama’s Broke – Narrow Line (single, Free Dirt Records, 2022)
46. Jenna Rae – Gotta See It All (Country Lo-Fi, Lost Cowgirl Records, 2022)
47. Madeleine Kelson – The Way I Do (single, Olivia Records, 2022)
48. Jess Jocoy – I Will Be Glad (single, 2022)
49. Holland Belle – Arrow (single, 2022)
50. Kate Rhudy – Around (single, 2022)
51. Lady Lamb – Wolves of My Want (single, Ba Da Bing! 2022)
52. Angel Olsen – All the Good Times (single, Jagjaguwar, 2022)
53. Margaret Glaspy – Heart Shape (single, ATO Records, 2022)
54. Matt York – Gently Used (single, 2022)
55. This Frontier Needs Heroes – Not Gonna Write a Song (single, Real Job, 2022)
56. The Coffis Brothers – Feel This Free (single, Blue Rose, 2022)
57. Ian Noe – Mountain Saint (River Fools & Mountain Saints, Lock13 Records / Thirty Tigers, 2022)
58. Freakons – Never Thought I’d See The Day (Freakons, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2022)
59. Bailey Bigger – The Levee (Coyote Red, Madjack Records, 2022)
60. Beau Jennings & The Tigers – May This Song Be In Your Heart (Heavy Light, Black Mesa Records, 2022)

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