OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #241

Another very quick summer edition of the new music weekly. Live music took over my weekend. I finally got to see Kristiina live and loved the concert. Plenty of other great concerts too. But here’s a quick round up of new music I managed to hear. Well at least partly. I haven’t listened any full albums yet.

This week gave us new albums from Kitba, Allegra Krieger, Cut Worms, Sleepy Jean, Molly Tuttle & The Golden Highway, Blur, Guy Capecelatro III (well new for streaming, not new otherwise), Molly Brandt, Bailey Allen Baker, Lori McKenna and Tyler Lyle (been on Bandcamp for a few weeks already).

From Finland, there’s a new album Jenna-Marie Laine plus singles from Aava, Lettoman and Vasas Flora och Fauna. Oh and a bit older 2023 album from Monsuuni, but it hasn’t been here before.

International song of the week is the new MJ Lenderman single. Other early faves came from Hurry and Lady Apple Tree.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. Vacation and summer mode continues. I think I’ll make this next weekend, but might be again a bit delayed and quick edition. Bear with me for a weeks. I’m sure I’ll eventually get back to normal routine (unless I just give up before that happens). Love love love.

1. Kitba – This Body (Kitba, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
2. Allegra Krieger – Making Sense Of (I Keep My Feet on the Fragile Plane, Double Double Whammy, 2023)
3. Cut Worms – Living Inside (Cut Worms, Jagjaguwar, 2023)
4. Molly Tuttle & The Golden Highway – When My Race is Run (City of Gold, Nonesuch Records, 2023)
5. Sleepy Jean – Six Feet Deep (With Love) (Shoot Me in a Dream, 2023)
6. Tyler Lyle – Violet Priest (The Transcendentalists Pt.1, All Who Wonder, 2023)
7. Bailey Allen Baker – All The Things We’ll Never Be (Grab a Bucket, 2023)
8. Molly Brandt – Union Man (Surrender to the Night, 2023)
9. Guy Capecelatro III – Lucky (The Silence of Our Predicament, Burst and Bloom, 2023 for streaming)
10. Blur – Barbaric (The Ballad of Darren, Parlophone, 2023)
11. MJ Lenderman – Rudolph (single, Anti, 2023)
12. Hurry – Parallel Haunting (single, Lame-O Records, 2023)
13. Jamie Turner – How Lost I Would Be Without You (single, 2023)
14. GospelbeacH – I’ll Close My Eyes (single, Curation Records, 2023)
15. Lady Apple Tree – Lady Apple Tree (single, 2023)
16. Jeff Moller feat July – Sand, Salt Crystals (single, Royal Oakie Records, 2023)
17. David Dondero – Sand Sculpture Tombstone (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2023)
18. John R. Miller – Ditcher (single, Rounder Records, 2023)
19. Courtney Patton & Jamie Lin Wilson – Hard Time Lately (single, 2023)
20. Viv & Riley – Is It All Over (single, Free Dirt Records, 2023)
21. Maija Sofia – Telling the Bees (single, Tulle, 2023)
22. Jenna-Marie Laine – Kaikki kaunis (Vapaapudotus, 2023)
23. Aava – Varjo vain (single, Mäntymetsä Records, 2023)
24. Vasas Flora och Fauna – Jag och Daniela (single, Startracks, 2023)
25. Monsuuni – Sua kuuntelen (Kuun tielle ilmestyneet, Villa Molo Underground Society, 2023)
26. Lettoman – Tanssia, laulua ja kuumia katseita (single, Lettoman Records, 2023)
27. Buffalo Nichols – Love Is All (single, Fat Possum Records, 2023)
28. Chris Pierce – Home (single, Friends at Work, 2023)
29. The Gaslight Anthem feat Bruce Springsteen – History Books (single, Rich Mahogany Recordings, 2023)
30. John P. Strohm – American Lie (single, Proppler Sound, 2023)
31. The Bones of J.R. Jones – The Flood (single, Tone Tree Music, 2023)
32. Woody Woodworth & The Piners – In The Pines (single, PineHoller Records, 2023)
33. Nathan Mongol Wells – Taken for a Ride (single, State Fair Records, 2023)
34. JD Clayton – This Old Guitar (single, Mulberry Records, 2023)
35. Lori McKenna – Letting People Down (1988, CN Records, 2023)
36. Van Plating feat Elizabeth Cook – The Heron (single, Singular Recordings, 2023)
37. Jon Check – Tongue-tied (single, 2023)
38. Israel Nash – Roman Candle (single, Loose Music, 2023)
39. Florry – Cowgirl Giving (single, Dear Life Records, 2023)
40. Canadian Sweetmen – No Moon (single, Matte Black Sound Company, 2023)
41. Dakota Theim – Wild Magnolias (single, 2023)
42. P.J.M Bond – Big Two-Hearted River (single, 2023)
43. Jon Danforth – Novelty (single, 2023)
44. The Mountain Goats – Clean Slate (single, Merge Records, 2023)
45. Squirrel Flower – When a Plant is Dying (single, Full Time Hobby, 2023)
46. Big Thief – Vampire Empire (single, 4AD, 2023)
47. Stephen Steinbrink – Poured Back in the Stream (single, 2023)
48. Pearla – Get in Touch With You (single, 2023)
49. Lee Baggett – All Star Day (single, 2023)
50. Alice Faye – Better Not (single, Holy Smokes Records, 2023)
51. Dolly Valentine – Blueberry Room (single, Holy Golden Music, 2023)
52. Sam Burton – Looking Back Again (Dear Departed, Partisan Records, 2023)

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