OCTA Weekly Playlist Episode #56

Another week, another weekly playlist

Big thank you to everyone who either submitted or will submit a video to the anniversary festival. The official submission window is now closed, but of course all those that I’ve had direct contact with can and hopefully will submit before the event starts. If someone who would really love to be a part of this just sees this now, ask me and I might have time to include a few more. But no full surprise entries anymore, because in that case I might run out of time.

Some big album releases again this week. I spent the Saturday at Yola / Iron Country Sisters concert in Helsinki, so I haven’t done a whole lot of listening yet, but Joan Shelley, Jesse Malin, Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, Garrett T. Capps, Humbird and Aaron Lee Tasjan are some of my own favorites. Other new albums on the list are from Whitney, Parsnip, Boy Scouts and Black Belt Eagle Scout. Lasers Lasers Birmingham album is a month old, but I just got into this one and I’m enjoying it a lot. Kele Goodwin album is even a year or two old, but it just got a new vinyl release on Oscarson, so it felt like a good time to include a song from it. I found it many months after the release back then, so I don’t think I ever featured this beauty here. Some great new EPs too this week. Lagniappe Sessions from Erin Rae and William Tylerplus a new one from Molly Taylor (thanks to Jodi James for bringing her music to my attention).

This week’s Finnish entries are an album cut from the new Samae Koskinen record and the brand new singles from Iron Country Sisters, Viitasen Piia, MeriTuuli, Litku Klemetti and Rock Siltanen (forgot this one a week ago, I’m ashamed).

The big release news of the week is that there’s a new Vetiver album on the horizon. Excellent first single is now out on Mama Bird Recording Co / Loose Music. Some other favorite singles came from Will Johnson, Ags Connolly, Caleb Caudle (cover of Hank Williams classic), Durand Jones & The Indications and Red River Dialect. Everything else would also be worth mentioning, but you’ll find them all from the list below.

That’s it for this week. I’ll start preparing the online festival, so the other blog stuff might suffer a bit. Day job and that will take most of time and sometimes it seems like sleeping is a pretty decent option too. I’ll try to squeeze in some other posts too, but there won’t be many. But there’s definitely something I should do. For example that Jason Hawk Harris album is so awesome that it deserves a whole lot of love. I don’t have clue will there be a new playlist next week, it depends how quickly I work on the festival thingy. Next weekend is pretty much dedicated to the festival and I’m trying to get everything drafted during that weekend. So that on the last week all I would have left would be to add the last few submissions that arrive close to the start.

OCTA Weekly Playlist Episode #56

1. Joan Shelley – The Sway (Like The River Loves The Sea, No Quarter Records, 2019)
3. Jesse Malin (feat Lucinda Williams) – Room 13 (Sunset Kids, Wicked Cool Records, 2019)
2. Garrett T. Capps – Lately (All Right, All Night, Shotgun House Records, 2019)
4. Humbird – April (Pharmakon, Green Thumb, 2019)
5. Vetiver – To Who Knows Where (single, Loose Music / Mama Bird Recording Co, 2019)
6. Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster – Cut Your Teeth (Take Heart, Take Care, Big Legal Mess, 2019)
7. Aaron Lee Tasjan – Strange Shadows (Karma for Cheap: Reincarnated, New West Records, 2019)
8. Iron Country Sisters – Bones (single, Soit Se Silti, 2019)
9. Erin Rae – You Must Ask the Heart (Lagniappe Sessions EP, 2019)
10. Molly Taylor – Don’t Leave Me Hanging Around (Summertime Blues EP, 2019)
11. Caleb Caudle – Howlin’ at the Moon (single, 2019)
12. Lasers Lasers Birmingham – Don’t Go Trying to Fix Me (Warning, 2019)
13. Ags Connolly – Wrong Again (You Lose a Life) (single, Finstock Music, 2019)
14. Will Johnson – Necessitarianism (single, Keeled Scales, 2019)
15. Kele Goodwin – Handrails (Moonbug, Oscarson, 2017/2019)
16. Red River Dialect – My Friend (single, Paradise of Bachelors, 2019)
17. Whitney – Friend of Mine (Forever Turned Around, Secretly Canadian, 2019)
18. Parsnip – Rip it Off (When the Tree Bears Fruit, Trouble in Mind, 2019)
19. Boy Scouts – Cut It (Free Comoany, Anti-, 2019)
20. Black Belt Eagle Scout – Scorpio Moon (At the Party With My Brown Friends, Saddle Creek, 2019)
21. Tiny Ruins – One Million Flowers -solo (single, Marathon Artists, 2019)
22. Viitasen Piia – Viimeinen valo josta puhutaan (single, Texicalli Records, 2019)
23. MeriTuuli – Metsään (single, 2019)
24. Samae Koskinen – Läpi routaisen maan (Maidstone, Johanna Kustannus, 2019)
25. Rock Siltanen – Uskon Huuhkajiin (single, 2019)
26. Litku Klemetti – Keijukaisvalssi (single, Luova Records, 2019)
27. Durand Jones & The Indications – Cruisin to the Park (single, Dead Oceans, 2019)
28. Monks Road Social – It It Was All Down to Me (single, Monks Road Records, 2019)
29. Paul Cauthen – Prayed For Rain (single, Lightning Rod Records, 2019)
30. Charley Crockett – 5 More Miles (single, Son of Davy, 2019)
31. The Lonesome Billies – Good Ol Complacency (single, Stay Lonesome Records, 2019)
32. Beams – Sweet Tea (single, 2019)
33. William Tyler – New World Symphony (Lagniappe Sessions EP, 2019)
34. SASAMI – Take Care (single, Domino Recording Co, 2019)
35. Jack Klatt – Looking For Love (single, Yep Roc, 2019)
36. Sunny War – Love Became Pain (Shell of a Girl, Hen House Studios, 2019)
37. Jason Tyler Burton – Fires of ’88 (single, 2019)
38. Paul & The Tall Trees – My God (I Remember ’98) (single, Big Crown Records, 2019)
39. Jason Hawk Harris – Phantom Limb (Love & The Dark, Bloodshot Records, 2019)
40. Erin Enderlin – Whatever Gets You Through the Night (Chapter Three: Whatever Gets You Through the Night EP, Blaster Records, 2019)

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Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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