J.E. Sunde – Hickory Point in the Fall (video) + Kalispell / Shane Leonard


Just a quick video post. Regular readers are well aware that I’m a big fan of Minneapolis-based songwriter J.E. Sunde and adore his 2014 album Shapes that Kiss The Lips of God. Hickory Point in the Fall is an outtake from that gorgeous album and they made a music video for the song in late 2015. I think I still haven’t posted it, so it’s time to cross that one out the from the list of things to do. A great song from one of my fave albums of recent years. Btw, Mr. Sunde actually has some Finnish background as well. Someone should bring him (and Bahamas) to Finland.

J.E. Sunde Website

Also be on the lookout for J.E. Sunde’s collaborator and label mate Shane Leonard/Kalispell who is about to release his new album Printer’s Son. The album is due out in June on Cartouche Records and it’s going to be wonderful. There’s nothing available from the new album yet, but here’s an older tune Methodist Lift from his previous album Westbound.

Shane Leonard / Kalispell Website

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Joey Kneiser, Aaron Lee Tasjan & Jeffrey Foucault


Catching up by posting some wonderful music videos. First we have Joey Kneiser and the lyric video for his excellent song Heaven Only Wants Us Once We’re Dead. It’s an outtake from his 2015 album The Wildness, which was one of my top 10 picks for the year. The song, the album, the video are all monstrously highly recommended.

Joey Kneiser Website

Next up is Aaron Lee Tasjan and his new music video for the song Don’t Walk Away. I think it actually premiered on the same day as Joey’s video some weeks ago. Excellent stuff once again from ALT.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website

And last but not least, Jeffrey Foucault and the song Slow Talker from his gorgeous 2015 album Salt as Wolves.

Jeffrey Foucault Website

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Video of the Day: Robert Forster – Let Me Imagine You


A video of the day and a note to self. There’s a new Robert Forster album Song To Play out there that you and I need to hear. Robert Forster is best known from the legendary The Go-Betweens, but the solo work is also wonderful. I really liked Evangelist from 2008 and therefore I really need to listen to this one. I’m sure it’s going to make my world more beautiful. This is the lead single Let Me Imagine You.

Robert Forster Website

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Video of the Day: Kacy & Clayton


I wrote about this Canadian duo a few days ago, but this video surfaced just after and it would be a crime against dazzlingly beautiful music not to post it and therefore I have to share it with the world (or the seven regular readers). This is Kacy & Clayton and their new stunning music video If You Ask How I’m Keeping. Sandy Denny & Fairport melting together with appalachian music. Pure magic. The album Strange Country is out on 13th November in Canada.

Kacy & Clayton Website

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