Year 2011 Round Up Part 2: Jason Isbell, Austin Lucas, Lauderdale, Brown Bird

Continuing with the highlights of the year 2011. I started with the unhurried side of music (like Slowcoustic describes it). Now I’m kicking it up a a tiny notch, but the quality remains equally high. Still very much in the folk, country and americana zone, but don’t worry. Some pop hits will be coming up as well (even though that “finnish pop site” slogan is getting a little questionable these days). Like previously mentioned. The full best songs/albums/reissues lists coming up late december. Without further pointless crap. Here’s again four great songs from the year 2011.

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit: Alabama Pines

Austin Lucas: Thunder Rail

Lauderdale: Stars Fell

Brown Bird: Bilgewater

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Lauderdale – Moving On

Two of my favourite blogs, Norwegian No Deal Music and American Nine Bullets seem to be pretty damn excited about the new Lauderdale album Moving On. Because I know those guys have a great taste in music, I had to check out the album. Now after having a chance to listen to Moving On a couple of times, I want to join the party. It’s indeed a wonderful americana album. They come from Muscle Shoals, Alabama and are certainly leaving their own mark on the rich musical heritage of the place along with some other newer Shoals bands like the wonderful Doc Dailey & The Magnolia Devil. Stars Fell below might be my favourite song of the album. Maybe not the perfect example though, because there’s plenty of slower, but equally convincing material on the album as well.

Lauderdale Website

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