Marmalakes – In Arnica

Marmalakes just released a new EP entitled In Arnica. I’m extremely excited, because I’m a big fan of this folk-pop outfit from Austin, Texas. They took the EP of the year award 2011 and after the first half a dozen spins of In Arnica, it’s rather safe to say that they have a good chance of reclaiming the title. They have a perfect melodic sense and they have the ability to write intriguing lyrics. And most importantly, the vocals and the harmonies are always heavenly beautiful. They should be huge. This is Septimus Warren Smith from the new EP. You can stream/buy the whole thing on their bandcamp.

Marmalakes at bandcamp
Marmalakes Website

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Marmalakes – Even Clothed

I wrote a couple of words about Chase Weinacht’s two great solo albums back in june. Now his band Marmalakes has released a new EP entitled Even Clothed and oh my.. this is even better. I’m becoming seriously addicted to the music these guys make. This young band from Austin, TX is capable of writing really amazing folk-pop songs that contain beautiful, delicate harmonies and colourful arrangements. I’m totally loving this. For example this last song of the EP Balmorhea is mindblowingly brilliant. Listen to it below and check out the whole EP on their bandcamp. If I still wrote reviews, I think this would get full five hearts.

Marmalakes at Bandcamp
Marmalakes at Facebook

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Video of the Day #65: Marmalakes + Chase Weinacht

Last night I was reading one of my favourite blogs songs:illinois and stumbled upon the name Chase Weinacht. I had never heard of him before, but I liked him about 23 seconds after I started to listen to the song (A Scene Through) Cellophane.

Chase is a folk-pop singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas and he released his first two solo albums in april. These beauties entitled Here Cinema and Moon Country are available on his bandcamp (and for free, at least when I’m writing this). I downloaded both of these recods last night and I really like them. This guy is very talented and able to create wonderful lo-fi folk songs. Something like the early work of australian pop guru Darren Hanlon at times.

Shore Park from Here Cinema:

Chase also plays in a band called Marmalakes. The video of the day is this great live version of a song Turquoise Balloons that you can also find from Chase’s solo album Moon Country.

Chase Weinacht at bandcamp
Chase Weinacht at facebook

Marmalakes at facebook
Marmalakes at bandcamp

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