Bahamas – Bahamas is Afie


Finnish-Canadian Afie Jurvanen aka Bahamas just released a new album a couple of weeks ago. This new one is called Bahamas is Afie and just like everything he has released before, it sounds magnificent to me. The man has the sweetest voice and is so good at creating songs that might seem small, but still make a huge lasting impression. I’m especially loving the beginning of the new album. Can’t Take You With Me and Bitter Memories are both pure gold and despite the subjects both feel as lovely as Maru and Hana videos on the internet. I hope someone convinces Toronto-based Afie to tour in his mother’s homeland sometime soon. His Europe tour ends in Stockholm, Sweden this fall which is criminally close. This is Stronger Than That from the new Bahamas album that is out now on Brushfire Records.

Bahamas – Stronger Than That from Brushfire Records on Vimeo.

Bahamas Website

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