North Atlantic Explorers – My Father Was A Sailor


Ambitious sea-themed concept album with a horn section and a big choir. I was almost 100% sure that I wasn’t going to like this one, because I usually prefer simple three minute pop songs about the girl you either have, have lost or are only dreaming about. Thankfully I listened to Vancouver’s North Atlantic Explorers before making final judgement, because it turned out that I actually really like the album. Even during the few moments when I’m lost at sea, there’s those amazingly beautiful harmonies that will drag me back up every time. The songs were written by Glenn D’Cruze and were inspired by his father’s life at sea. There’s also one cover song and they do get a lot of bonus points for this one. It’s the song South by the forever lovely indie pop duo, Pipas. Former Belle & Sebastian Stuart David also provides some narratives. If I need to compare this to something, perhaps I could swim towards artists like Sufjan Stevens and Woodpigeon. To get a better clue of North Atlantic Explorers amazing sight and sound experience, check out the song Don’t Want No One Else (If I Can’t Have You) and the video for the song Into The Blue Sea.


North Atlantic Explorers Website

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