Album of the Month – Daniel Markham – Disintegrator


Daniel Markham’s new album Disintegrator has been sitting on that Album of the Month slot for so long that it’s probably already time to choose the next one, which will probably The Party by Andy Shauf. First I need to praise this one a little bit. Disintegrator has been on heavy rotation for the past month and it’s among the finest releases of the year so far.

I really fell in love with Daniel Markham’s music when the previous one Pretty Bitchin’ came out and our relationship is still going strong. I’m magnificent at turning into sort of a miserable fellow for no apparent reason and therefore it’s good to have guys like Daniel kicking me around in a good way. When the needle drops on Disintegrator, the previously mentioned miserable fucker turns into a smiling lunatic who is playing air guitar and singing along to these short but great rock’n’roll tunes. For example the song Zelda is so wonderful. Oh how I love that one. The little chorus is a pure bliss for a power pop fan. Melodic distortion is always my thing and some of these take care of that department perfectly. Calling it power pop would still be very far-fetched, but there’s a whole lot of 90s alternative rock influence there. And a lot of slower, darker and folkier stuff as well. Call it what you will, I just call it an album that I love wholeheartedly. Here a couple of great songs from the album.

DANIEL MARKHAM – Disintegrator from Judd Myers on Vimeo.

Daniel Markham Website

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