Birger Olsen – The Lights Just Buzz


One more for tonight. Mama Bird Recording Co from Portland, Oregon is about to release a new album later in June and well we love Mama Bird here at the headquarters so this is always a matter of great significance. They don’t release that many albums, but when they do release an album, you can count on it to be an awesome handpicked treasure. So it’s time to give an early shout out about their forthcoming release, The Lights Just Buzz by Birger Olsen that is due out on 17th of June. You might or might not know Birger from the country band Denver (that’s also on Mama Bird). He also sang a few songs on the last two Denver albums. The ones that sort of reminded me of Ted Lucas. Although that similarity is/was probably just in my head.

Birger Olsen has a really low singing voice and it might take a while to get used to that. However, give him a little bit of time and I’m fairly sure that the voice slowly turns into one of the biggest and most charming strengths of his music. This whole beautiful thing is set in the blues and country territory with light jazzy vibes and gospel bits adding another layer to the sound. I love that they’ve somehow managed to keep it sounding so small, subtle and warm even though there’s a lot of interesting things going on in the songs. This is the title track Lights Just Buzz and the only available song at this point time.


Birger Olsen Website

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