Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles – Monticello (video) and Soon Enough UK/Europe release


I don’t think I’ve ever posted this video of Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles singing Monticello and that just isn’t right. It’s my favourite song from their excellent Soon Enough album that came out last year in the states. I bought it back then, but it’s also now officially out in the UK/Europe on the great UK-based americana/country label Clubhouse Records. There’s also UK tour coming up in the fall. So don’t miss that, if you live in the area. Finnish folks like yours truly just have to settle at jealously mirroring their sad face from the bottom of the whiskey glass while listening to this beautiful song. Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles and Monticello.

Erin Rae Website

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