Top 25 Songs of 2016 – The International Edition (Part one 25-11)

One more list to go. I suppose there would be also reissues and Finnish EPs, but I only bought a few and therefore I would have to list everything and probably still wouldn’t get to top 5. So there’s even less point in that so these will have to do. I’m sure you are thankful, because this year end listing has already gotten a bit out of hand. Anyway, here are my favourite songs of the year. Ok, I put a little emphasis towards artists that didn’t make the cut on the albums or EP of the year list. Spreading the love a bit or something, because lots of great stuff haven’t yet appeared on these lists. But this was only in sort of a tie situations and most of these would be on this list no matter what. Maybe I should make a longer Spotify lists later, because I’m sure I could easily come up with 100 songs that I loved during the year. The order is once again pretty insignificant, because I love them all wholeheartedly.

25. Jim Bryson – The Depression Dance

Canadian Jim Bryson can do the honors and kick off this list with his Depression Dance. This actually maybe could be a little bit further up on the list, but I thought it’s a damn good place to start. Mostly because by the time you have finished this list, you might need to scroll back to the beginning and listen to this song over and and over again. I’m a guy who masters the art of being miserable for no apparent reason and this song lifts my spirit up each and every time. I love the people on the video as well. And the cat of course.

24. Margaret Glaspy – You and I

Next we have Margaret Glaspy and You and I from her Emotions and Math album. The album had a few songs that I wasn’t that keen and that’s why it didn’t made the cut on the album list, but there was plenty of songs that I really loved. This one You and I was the highlight for me.

23. The Burning Hell – Men Without Hats

Fuck The Government, I Love You is obviously still the best song of the decade and would take the song of the year award this year as well. However, I was cruel and disqualified it, because it was my song of the year 2015. No need to worry, because The Burning Hell has a great candidate for this 2016 list as well. Men Without Hats is a brilliant tribute to Canadian new wave band Men Without Hats.

22. Bonnie Whitmore – Fighter

Bonnie Whitmore’s album Fuck With Sad Girls was one of those that kept on going on and off the list while I was writing that album list. I’m already feeling guilty, because in the end I left it out. I’m expecting nightmares about this any day now. There’s plenty of great songs on this one. This song Fighter is my biggest favourite.

21. Steven James Adams – Kings Of The Back of the Bus

Steven James Adams is a long time favourite. His album was maybe a bit of a hit and miss one. I absolutely loved 4-5 songs, but the rest of it was only good. The biggest highlight was this songs Kings of the Back of the Bus. I really love this video where suits look for a remedy for their corporate lives.

20. M. Lockwood Porter – Reach The Top

M. Lockwood Porter released an album full of gorgeous songs. This song Reach The Top was a particular highlight.

19. Caleb Caudle – Tuscaloosa

Caleb Caudle put together a strong album Carolina Ghost. I haven’t seen too much love for this particular song on people’s song of the year lists, but for me Tuscaloosa was the biggest highlight of the album.

18. BJ Barham – Unfortunate Kind

BJ Barham released a great solo album. It has a few equally strong candidates for this song list, but somehow the combination of song + video lifted The Unfortunate Kind little bit above the others.

17. Hayes Carll – The Magic Kid

Hayes Carll wrote a song to his son, The Magic Kid. It isn’t any wonder that it’s pure magic.

16. Margo Price – Hands of Time

Margo Price opened her album in perfect fashion. Autobiographical Hands of Time is a stunning song.

15. Austin Lucas – Wrong Side Of the Dream

This duet by Austin Lucas and Lydia Loveless was one of the many highlights of Austin Lucas’ 2016 album Between the Moon and The Midwest. The ending song Midnight would be equally good pick, but this is easier to share so let’s go with this one.

14. Jon Latham – Lifers

First outtake and the title track from the forthcoming Jon Latham album due out in 2017. This single Lifers is further proof that Jon Latham is a magnificent songwriter and I’m so look forward to hearing the full album.

13. Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster – The Dirt, The Bells & I

The Dirt, The Bells & I is the perfect ending to Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster’s gorgeous solo album Constant Stranger. So brilliant.

12. Robbie Fulks – Alabama at Night

This song by Robbie Fulks was actually nominated for grammy and rightfully so. The album has a few equally perfect candidates for this list, but let’s go with this one because it’s rare that I have similar addictions as the bigger folks.

11. Christian Lee Hutson – I Just Can’t Fucking Do it Anymore

Jumping the gun a bit here again, because I don’t think this song is available yet. Well other than this absolutely gorgeous music video that I’ve watched several times. A damn good new song from Christian Lee Hutson and lifts the expectations sky high for the forthcoming album. Here’s I Just Cant’ Fucking Do It Anymore closing the first chapter of the songs of the year list.

The rest of the list later today, if I get it done before the NFL playoffs kick off. If not, then it goes until tomorrow.

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