The Parson Red Heads – Blurred Harmony

Oh how I feel the summer in my heart when I listen to the new The Parson Red Heads album Blurred Harmony. Ok, it helps that it actually is summer, but I would probably feel the same in the middle of a snow storm. This is a sweet one and totally the kind of music that I love. Beautiful pop jangle, sunny power pop vibes, folk rock and west coast americana, psychedelic pop, amazing harmonies. A bit of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci over there and a small dose of The Beachwood Sparks here. Actually this song by Blades of Grass pretty much sums up my early feelings towards this album. Not that it’s really happy happy joy joy. Quite bittersweet and even sad at times, but even those moments are wrapped inside heart-melting warmness. It just feels good to listen to it. A perfect album for the summer.

Blurred Harmony is now out on Fluff and Gravy (US) and You Are The Cosmos (Europe).

The Parson Red Heads Website

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