Video of the Day #63: The Avett Brothers

Crackerfarm posted this wonderful video a couple of days ago and I’ve watched it at least ten times. I’m a huge The Avett Brothers fan and I’m still a little upset that they cancelled their concert in Stockholm, Sweden a year ago, because we had tickets and we were raring to go. But it’s rather impossible to stay angry when they always deliver such great performances as this one below. The song is Prettiest Thing by David Childers. I need to check out this Mr David Childers, because this song is magnificent. One of his albums is on Spotify, so I’ll start from there tomorrow.

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Video of the Day #62: Carol Anne McGowan

I found irish folk singer-songwriter Carol Anne McGowan and this video a month or two ago and I keep on coming back to this. Therefore it’s about time to share this beautiful song. Songs From The Cellar is her debut release and it was recorded in a 500 year old wine cellar in the small German town of Oestrich – Winkel, on the Rhine. This beautiful, fragile and intimate folk song is called Carrigeen. The physical copies of the record seem to be sold out, but digital download is available from her bandcamp page (where you can also stream the whole album).

Carol Anne McGowan at Bandcamp
Carol Anne McGowan at Facebook

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Video of the Day #61: Woody Pines

Last week I got an email about a new live music website Live and Breathing and I’ve been enjoying their videos during the past few days. Someone there has a good taste, because they mostly cover the kind of music that I love. Some of my big favourites like Chatham County Line are included, but let’s pick something that is new to me. Check out for more similar kind of marvellous videos (I recommend Ryan Boldt as well, never heard of him before, but he is wonderful).

Woody Pines is a familiar name and I think I’ve heard it many times. But why haven’t I paid attention, because I don’t think I’ve really properly listened to them before watching these videos. Because if I had, I would have fallen in love with this wonderful North Carolinian group. Excellent old-fashioned country sounds. I need to hear more, because the other two videos are as wonderful as this 99 Years Blues.

Woody Pines – 99 Years Blues from Live & Breathing on Vimeo.

Woody Pines Website
Live and Breathing Website

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