Video of the Day #69: Mirel Wagner

I’ve already written about finnish blues/folk singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner a few times (review) and therefore I’ll keep things short this time around. This is the new video for the song entitled No Death and it is so utterly wonderful. The song is an outtake from her amazing self-titled debut album that was released in february, 2011.

Mirel Wagner at Facebook

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Video of the Day #68: John Paul Keith

Again it’s actually a song of the day, because there is no moving pictures. I’m battling with summer flu and spent the midsummer indoors. I’ve been trying to kick the fever out of my body by listening to John Paul Keith’s new album The Man That Time Forgot on Spotify. So far I haven’t really succeeded in that quest, but I’ve really enjoyed every moment I’ve spent trying. This is just delightful stuff altogether. Filled with all kinds of greatness like vintage rock’n’roll, rockabilly, garage rock, soul, country. It’s like a wonderful blast from the past. The Man That Time Forgot was released by Big Legal Mess on june 21st. Here’s a marvelous song called Afraid To Look.

John Paul Keith Website

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Video of the Day #67: Chris Thile & Michael Daves

There’s been a roots evening going on in here, so I suppose it’s ok to have some traditional bluegrass as the video of the day. Nonesuch Records recently released Chris Thile & Michael Daves album Sleep With One Eye Open where Chris & Michael make their own versions of some bluegrass classics. Here’s one of them below. My Little Girl In Tennessee by Lester Flatt. There’s plenty of similar kind of videos on their website.

Chris Thile & Michael Daves Website

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