Video of the Day #72: The Wicked Whispers

This is something I picked from the latest Shindig! Magazine (still by far the finest rock magazine there is). The Wicked Whispers comes from Liverpool and they seem to be stuck in the psychedelic sixties. But hey, if you have to be stuck in somewhere, that would be high up on my list as well. Their debut EP The Dark Delights of The Wicked Whispers came out on 6th of june 2011 and this fabulous tune entitled Amanda Lavender is an outtake from that EP.

The Wicked Whispers at Facebook

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Video of the Day #71: Radio Days (Italian power pop)

I can’t say I’m a big expert on Italian power pop. Pretty much only Cirrone comes to mind whose new album has gotten a great reception at various power pop blogs (and the sound samples do sound excellent). Anyway, last week I noticed that a band called Radio Days was following my twitter and after checking out their influence list that looked like the list of best bands in the world (Badfinger, Big Star, The Nerves, DM3, Teenage Fanclub, Cherry Twister..) I knew I have to listen to this band. I’m now streaming their latest album C’est La Vie at and even though I’m only halfway through I think it’s already fairly obvious that I need this album. The album came out in late 2010 if I’m not mistaken. This video outtake is called Sleep It Off.

Radio Days Website

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