Video of the Day #33: Binoculers

After blogging about the new Finnish live music video blog Off The Record, I got an email that had a link to Musikmob that is a similar kind of blog from Leipzig, Germany. I really enjoyed many of their videos, but I’m not going to post all of them. It’s better to go and watch them where the action is. This beautiful Binoculers video can serve as a lovely introduction, because it’s a) the first Musikmob video b) one of my own favourites. Binoculers is Nadja Rüdebusch from Hamburg and that’s pretty much everything I know about her. I just started to listen to her album at bandcamp and based on the first couple of songs it seems to be a great minimalistic folk album.

Musikmob #01: Binoculers – “Easy In The Morning Sun” from Musikmob on Vimeo.

Binoculers at bandcamp
Musikmob Website

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Video of the Day #32: Wilcox Sullivan Wilcox

Well this is actually a song of the day, because there’s no moving pictures here. Just the cover of the album. However, this is a song that I’ve been slightly obsessed with during the past couple of weeks and therefore I wanted to post it. This song is an outtake from a rare folk album by Dennis Wilcox, Michael Sullivan and Judy Wilcox. It was recorded back in 1971, but has just recently been reissued. I don’t have the album yet, but it’s definitely on my shopping list. After listening to this amazing folk song below, check out more info about the group (and another song) on the Yoga Records website (also home of the amazing Ted Lucas reissue that is the current album of the month here at the headquarters).

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Video of the Day #31: Phil Wilson

I have The June Brides/Phil Wilson compilation Every Conversation (which is mostly excellent), but I’ve managed to completely miss Phil Wilson’s new album God Bless Jim Kennedy that was co-released by Slumberland and Yesboyicecream late last year. This great song I Own It is from the new album and clearly shows that this front man of the legendary 80s indie pop outfit The June Brides is still capable of making wonderful pop songs. I need to check out the new album.

Phil Wilson at myspace
Phil Wilson at Facebook

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Video of the Day #30: Michael Claytor & Sam Moss

Tonight I’ve been rather addicted to this video and have probably watched it over ten times. I haven’t done a lot of homework about Michael Claytor yet. I know he has been touring and playing with the wonderful Austin Lucas. This fabulous song is called Hairpins and it’s from an album called We Have An Elephant, which came out back in 2009 (yes, isn’t the best place to keep up with new things, I’m way behind). Anyway, you can download this album from their bandcamp site. I just did. It’s 2 am though, so I better leave that album for tomorrow and go to sleep.. after I’ve watched this video once.. or twice..

Michael Claytor & His Friends Website
Michael Claytor & His Friends at bandcamp

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