Video of the Day #76: Brown Bird

I already wrote about the new Brown Bird album Salt For Salt a couple of months ago, but the album is actually coming out later this week. I just pre-ordered my copy tonight and got the download. I only quickly browsed through a couple of songs, so no opinions just high expectations at this point. But I know what I will be doing at work tomorrow. I will listen to this album, because good music makes hard physical work so much easier. Anyway, I just saw this great live video of Brown Bird playing Thunder & Lightning at WBUR studios and really enjoyed it. The song is also on the new album.

These great tracks are also on the new album.

Fingers to the Bone:


Brown Bird Website

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Video of the Day #75: Caleb Coy

The day job, ice hockey and Flavour of the Month meant that I didn’t have any time for the blog this week, but let’s break the silence with this beautiful video of One Day Closer To You. Yer Bird Records released Caleb Coy’s captivating lo-fi country/folk album Wild Desert Rose last year. This was my favourite song on it and it still sounds as wonderful as it did back then.

Caleb Coy Website

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Video of the Day #73: Matt Kline

I just watched this video half a dozen times in a row and absolutely love it. Therefore I have to share it with you. Matt Kline was a member of The Fox Hunt and he also wrote plenty of amazing songs for them. Even though I don’t really like the name of the band, I really love their music and the previous album Long Way To Go was the album of the year 2010 here at After the album Matt Kline quit the band and that was a big shock because I think he wrote and sung many of those Fox Hunt songs that I loved the most. But he didn’t quit music completely and I’ve been following his Facebook page since I noticed there was one. Tonight he posted this video and even though this is just a live video, I love this so dearly and keep on watching it over and over again.

Matt Kline’s Music Page at Facebook

(and if the person who shot this video, wants me to remove it, I will do that. I just had to post this live video because Matt Kline is so brilliant and so unknown).

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