The JAC – Faux Pas

The JAC released their debut album in early august and therefore it’s about time to write a few words about this pop phenomenon. The man behind The JAC is Joe Algeri who plays every instrument on the album and has also recorded and mixed the whole thing. Previously Joe Algeri has also delivered great pop tracks with Jack & The Beanstalk and The Britannicas, but now it’s time for another solo adventure. Joe Algeri creating an album in his home studio without any kind of supervision certainly could lead to a catastprophe, but he is able to pull it off rather wonderfully. It’s not too all-over-the-place even though Faux Pas is a playful pop album where anything can happen. Actually things like 60’s pop, garage rock, punk pop, psych pop weirdness and all-around goofyness fit quite well under the same roof. The JAC also showcases a slightly grittier version of Joe Algeri, but it won’t be enough to banish the pop fans from his backyard. We can tolerate a bit of rock’n’roll, because Joe still has that great melodic sense. This is Truly Julie & Terry. Stream/buy the whole thing at

The JAC at bandcamp
The JAC at Facebook

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Joe Algeri & The Sugarbrits – Merry Christmas (around the world)

The countdown for Christmas has officially begun, because Joe Algeri’s yearly Christmas song is out and available. The writer of the (should-be) legendary holiday tunes Chris Hillman Christmas and I Saw Santa With A Gun is back with a new song entitled Merry Christmas (around the world). This time the song has a Finnish ingredient as well, because Joe recruited The Sugarrush boys Andy, Coma and Paati to the task. The other guests on this international pop christmas are Lars Brusell (Sweden), Terry Munslow-Davies (Australia) and Joe’s Britannicas colleague Herb Eimerman (USA).

Oh and there’s another international pop hit that should have gotten its own blog post a week or two ago, but I was too busy with the day job. Joe Algeri and Herb Eimerman are also behind this along with the power pop wizard Dom Mariani (DM3, Stems, Someloves) and Stefan Johansson. Their name is Green Beatles and The Basement is the name of this stunning pop song.

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Video of the Day #11: The Britannicas

Today’s video takes us to Australia, Sweden and USA. All in one video. The Britannicas are taking this international pop thing to a whole another level and are making great pop songs and cool videos despite the fact that the three members all live in different continents thousands of miles away from each other. The Britannicas are Joe Algeri from australia (Jack & The Beanstalk, solo), Magnus Karlsson from Sweden (The Charade, Happydeadmen) and Herb Eimerman from USA (Nerk Twins, solo). They’ve written lots of wonderful pop songs in the past with their other bands and solo projects. This new song called Those Good Vibrations proves that they haven’t lost that songwriting skill during the years. A bit like early Teenage Fanclub at times and that’s never a bad thing. The debut album by The Britannicas came out earlier in the summer on the very cool Kool Kat Musik label.


The Britannicas at myspace

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