News: Magenta Skycode & Ultramariini

Some news from the past. I was away last week and therefore failed to mention these important releases.


New Magenta Skycode album Relief came out last week. I’m not the biggest Magenta Skycode fan out there, but this is a great album. I think it’s lighter and more colourful than the debut and that suits me fine. Plus it has cats on the cover..

Magenta Skycode Website
Magenta Skycode at myspace



Ultramariini’s comeback album Ydin was also released last week by M.Dulor. Looking forward to spend some quality time with this one.

Ultramariini Website
Ultramariini at myspace

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Video of the Day #10: Magenta Skycode

Finally we arrive to Finland and it’s time for cuteness warning. Magenta Skycode’s new song is called The Simple Pleasures and it’s probably a great song. I can’t be sure, because I’m just adoring the stars of the video with a stupid a smile on my face and don’t pay any attention to the song itself. Ok, even though Astrid and Quru are the heroes of the day, I love the song as well. Actually much more than I thought I would. I love that they are nowadays much more brighter than before. That suits me well. Oh.. and did I already mention that the cats are adorable.


Magenta Skycode at myspace

Tomorrow to Australia, Sweden and USA. But only one band and one video.

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