Finnish music videos from the vaults part 3: Penniless & Mummypowder

Penniless: Adam’s Apple Pie

Penniless is a fabulous band that usually installs plenty of melodic beauty into their blissfully twisted rock songs. Adam’s Apple Pie wonderfully shows their pop sense and it might be my favourite Penniless song eventhough they have a huge amount of great songs under their belt. Adam’s Apple Pie is from their excellent Anola album that was released back in 2001.

Penniless Website
Penniless at myspace
Mummypowder: Don’t Hold Your Breath

You can also file this one under excellent finnish guitar pop. Don’t Hold Your Breath is the opening track of Mummypowder’s marvellous third album Consternation! Uproar! that was released in 2004. Mummypowder is certainly among the greatest finnish guitar pop bands and hopefully they will eventually return with the fourth album that has been in the working state for quite a while.

Mummypowder Website
Mummypowder at myspace

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