Ochre Room – Evening Coming In

I’ve been really lazy with the blog lately, but the release of this magical album cannot go completely unnoticed. Ochre Room’s debut album Evening Coming In came out today on Lumpeela julkaisut. I’ve had the chance to listen to it for a few weeks and it’s a really wonderful record. It’s an album that can even challenge Viljami Kukkonen’s Mörönsyötti on the Finnish album of the year contest. Mörönsyötti and Evening Coming In are certainly the top 2 Finnish albums of the year in my books. It’s almost frightening to think how good Ochre room might be in the future, because this debut already works for me perfectly. They are mastering the art of writing captivating folk rock / americana songs, the singing is gorgeous throughout the record and the arrangements are magically beautiful. This is the first single My Summer.

Ochre Room Website
Lumpeela Julkaisut website

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Ochre Room signs a deal with Lumpeela Julkaisut

I feel so damn ashamed that I never wrote anything about the first Ochre Room release, Blue Ribbon EP. That debut EP was already really good, but I still didn’t expect them to be so amazing as they were last friday at Flavour of the Month. I was instantly in love with their sound and I’ve watched the concert half a dozen times afterwards. Ochre Room is definitely one of the finest finnish folk rock / americana bands out there at the moment and I’m extremely excited about them. The EP already showed that the lead vocalist Lauri Myllymäki has a wonderful singing voice and now the addition of female vocalist(s) has lifted the songs to a new level. The band recently signed a deal with Lumpeela Julkaisut and starts recording their debut album in march. It is hard to picture a better home for Ochre Room, because I know the label boss Juha Mäki-Patola is definitely into this kind of music.

Blue Ribbon from the EP:

And here’s a live version of Promissory Look from friday’s concert. You’ll find a couple more in here.

Ochre Room Website
Ochre Room at Facebook

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Flavour of the Month 3.2.2012 – Ochre Room, Markus Perttula

February’s Flavour of the Month is around the corner and takes place next friday 3.2.2012. Artists sharing the stage are Ochre Room and Markus Perttula.

Ochre Room is a folk rock / americana group from Tampere. They released a great Blue Ribbon EP last year. This is the title track.

Ochre Room Website

Markus Perttula is an excellent singer-songwriter from Turku. Markus is currently working on his debut album. Really Looking forward to that, because his soundcloud songs are pretty amazing. This one is entitled Ainoa tie.

Markus Perttula at Facebook


Helmikuun klubi-ilta on perjantaina 3.2. ja tuolloin esiintyjinä nähdään ja kuullaan tamperelaista americana/folk/country-yhtye Ochre Roomia sekä turkulaista laulaja-lauluntekijää Markus Perttulaa, jonka lähes jeffbuckleymaiset laulusuoritukset ovat aina komeaa kuultavaa.

aika: pe 3.2. klo 21-03
+ FotM DJ Team
paikka: Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput: 3€

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