Hold the press! A quick news entry is in order, because bands like this are the reason onechord.net was once born.


I’m not sure did I wake into some alternative reality, because this morning I checked out my myspace account and found a new finnish pop band influenced by the greatest things in the world like The Posies, The Grays, Matthew Sweet, Nada Surf. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen too often, but thankfully now it did happen. The band is called Heartjet and it’s definitely not just the influences that matter. They are already a great powerpop band. Heartjet is Tuomas Strandman and Mikko Levonen (who also is/was in Sidelines) and they come from Lahti. They have recorded an album and are looking for a way to release it. So if you are looking for those onechord’s imaginary culture awards, release Heartjet’s album and you’ll get one.

Heartjet at myspace

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