Review: Jason & The Scorchers – Halcyon Times

Jason & The Scorchers: Halcyon Times (Playground, 2010)

Alt. country and cowpunk legends Jason & The Scorchers makes a welcome return to this ball game with a new album called Halcyon Times. This new baby of theirs is definitely into rock’n’roll. Maybe even a little too much for my personal taste, because I think the album contains three or four “not that special” rockers that I could certainly do without. It’s not a huge problem, because the most of this record is very enjoyable and also those and cowpunk roots shine through or take control more than on few occasions. It’s still pretty hard to form an opinion about the album as a whole, because for me the best third of this would be worth five hearts and the weakest third would have big trouble getting even three. It’s a must have album though, because the good stuff on it (like Mona Lee, Beat On The Mountain, Days Of Wine and Roses) is just damn brilliant and perfect in every way.


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