Review: The Fox Hunt – Long Way To Go

The Fox Hunt: Long Way To Go (Skull City Records, 2010)

The way things are going and my music taste evolving, I probably end up moving to some abandonded house on the Appalachian Mountains by the time I’m 60 and spend the rest of my days sitting on my front porch listening to string bands singing beautiful songs about broken hearts while digesting more alcohol than my body can safely handle.

The fox hunt as an sporting activity should be a closed chapter in history books, but the band called The Fox Hunt needs to be mentioned in every chapter if I try to write a novel about my new favourite bands. I’m just totally addicted to this stuff. I got their debut Nowhere Bound and this new album Long Way To Go a little over a week ago and I think they are both amazing albums. The only reason to say that they are not completely perfect albums  is the fact that if you would take the best half of both of them and joined them together than that album would be even better and actually pretty much the best album ever. More bands should follow The Fox Hunt and have banjo, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass in their instrument arsenal, but still it’s the singing that I love the most.  Both lead vocals and the harmonies are pure gold throughout the record. The songs often have a heartbreaking core, but they are injected to your veins with such a joyful and beautiful playing & singing that you end up smiling even if the character in the song is trying to pick the pieces of his broken heart from the gutter. Just wonderful stuff altogether if you are into things like string bands, bluegrass, roots music and well country music in general. Think of early Old Crow Medicine Show for example. Well think of great music. This is my favourite album of the year so far.


Listen to Lower Than I Should Be:

Listen to Troublemakin’ Woman:

The Fox Hunt Website
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