Hurricane Fighter Plane

Australian pop hero Joe Algeri introduced Hurricane Fighter Plane to me and I was immediately hooked. If you happen to be into 60s pop/garage/powerpop and spend your days reading the wonderful Shindig! magazine, I think this might be your new favourite band. They come from Fremantle/Perth, their new self-titled EP has just been released and you can buy it from their bandcamp. Extremely highly recommended I would say and I will definitely buy it myself once I figure out do I settle for the download or buy a physical copy. Just listen to this song called It Won’t Last. This is just bloody brilliant.

There’s couple of cool videos as well. This first one is also the great opening track of the EP.



Hurricane Fighter Plane Website

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  1. Aikas pirteetä menoa, hieno löytö! Musa on erilaista mut tuli Coralin alkuajat mieleen noista videoista, semmosta hyvällä maulla fanittamisen ja inspiraation ristisiitosta, jää kuunteluun.

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