Black Twig & The New Tigers

As you may have noticed, I’m way behind in promoting new Finnish indie music, but thankfully there are several great blogs (like Stop, Shake, Honey, Go, Slow Show, Singin’ Drunken Lullabies…) that are keeping you informed while I keep listening to american folk music.


I completely failed to mention the first outtake Lake Song from the upcoming Black Twig album, even though I really liked it. The second taster Death Scene has also been out there for a week or two, so now it’s definitely time to make amends and post these two great noise pop tracks. Black Twig may not be style-wise my closest companion, but this is definitely high quality stuff. Especially Lake Song is pretty amazing on all accounts. Debut album is due out in January 2012 and it will be released by Soliti.

Black Twig – Lake Song

[soundcloud url=”″]
Black Twig – Death Scene

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It’s been great to notice that The New Tigers and their debut album has been so widely praised during the last months. The boys definitely deserve it. One of the loveliest things about the new indie label Soliti has been the fact that Nick Triani has showed that it’s possible to create a truckload of positive interest and hype around wonderful indie releases and bands. Has it really reflected on record sales? Don’t know. But it can do no harm that good bands have a little bit of buzz going on around them.

Last week Soliti released two songs that didn’t make The New Tigers album. The songs are Toffee and Chocolate. The instrumental Chocolate is a thing of beauty, but after all this positive vibe, I got to say I don’t like Toffee one bit. Well there’s actually a really beautiful and most likely amazing song somewhere under there, but I can’t hear it, because it’s buried under the noise. I’ll take just the Chocolate to go with the great debut album. Thanks.

The New Tigers : Toffee/Chocolate by Soliti

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