The Bottle Rockets / The Brooklyn Side reissued


Bloodshot Records is on a great roll at the moment. The new Robbie Fulks is among the very best of the whole year and the new Lydia Loveless EP and Neko Case full-length are also rather wonderful. And the little bit that I’ve listened to the new Ha Ha Tonka album, makes me think it might be something special and I need to properly check it out. Tomorrow they are doing great things again by reissuing the first two The Bottle Rockets albums.

I find this release rather exciting, because I haven’t even heard these albums beforehand. If I think of my musical past and the way bands like Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Whiskeytown and Son Volt were a real a game changer and opened a whole new musical horizon, it’s just ludicrous and criminal that up until now, I pretty much knew The Bottle Rockets by reputation only. Not So Loud album and Otis Gibbs’ excellent podcast with Bottle Rockets front man Brian Henneman were pretty much all I really knew. This is going to change now and I’m definitely going to add this reissue to my collection.. I’ve already had the possibility to stream these albums over the last weeks and these are just awesome. Especially The Brooklyn Side. This should be classic just like Trace, A.M or Strangers Almanac. Among the people in the know, it probably already is. Yours truly has just been an ignorant fool all these years.

This is The Bottle Rockets and live version of Gravity Fails from Music Fog.


The Bottle Rockets Website
Bloodshot Records Website

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