Nada Surf – Rushing (video)


Time to take a step backwards and get to back to the basics of my music taste. Ok, Nada Surf might not be one of the most important bands in my life, but I’ve listened and loved them for fifteen years or so. Especially Let Go is a perfect album in my books and even just the whole idea of having Nada Surf around to comfort me makes a few clouds dissappear. It’s always love when they are around and I love them for it.

Nada Surf just released a new album You Know Who You Are and it’s another great addition to their catalogue of the finest kind of melodic pop music. My early favourite has been this song called Rushing. Perhaps partly because of this cute video. Watching it makes me love life and all the other cliches that might sound naiive, but are still true. I found out that Matthew Caws co-wrote this one with Dan Wilson so that might be another reason why I’m feeling strangely fine while listening to it. This is Rushing from the new Nada Surf album that is now out on Barsuk/City Slang.

Nada Surf Website

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