Mikko Joensuu – There Used To Be A Darkness (from Amen 2)


Amen 1 by Mikko Joensuu is my favourite Finnish album of the year so far. Second part of the trilogy Amen 2 is coming out in November on Svart Records. The first single There Used To Be A Darkness surfaced six days ago. I was a little bit wary during the early stages of the song, because the sound of Amen 1 is probably closer to the core of my music taste. Somehow Mikko still won my heart over during the 11 minutes this song lasts and when the song reached the end, all that wariness had vanished and it was time to hit the play button again. I gave it my best effort, but it turned out that it was just too hard to be a prejudiced grumpy prick when listening to this man. Sorry about that. See if you can do a better job by listening to this beautiful monster below. If you can somehow handle that, try Thief and a Liar from Amen 1 and your heart will definitely melt. I can’t wait to hear Amen 2 in November and Amen 3 sometime in 2017.

Mikko Joensuu Website

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