Hip Hatchet – Hellhound in the House EP

Hip Hatchet put out a wonderful new EP Hellhound in the House on 20th of January. These are all protest songs and we would all be better off, if the world was in a state where there wasn’t a need for these songs to be born. Unfortunately that’s not the case and therefore we must live, love and resist. The poems, songs and arts in general are an important part of this and Hip Hatchet is fighting the good fight by presenting a really powerful EP Hellhound in the House. My biggest favourite is Burden of an Empath that leaves me teary-eyed each and every time. Despite all the overwhelming sadness, I still feel like the beauty, warmness and love is able to overshadow the darkness in that song. That is where the hope lies and that is what we are also seeing taking place. People coming together and standing up against the lack of compassion and empathy. To love is not a weakness. Love is the way.

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