William Matheny – Strange Constellations

The daylight is vanishing and year is getting close to the end. Some are probably already sketching their aoty lists, but I still have a whole lot to do to even mention all the albums I’ve enjoyed during the year. So I’ll carry on sharing songs and my love for the songs.

William Matheny’s debut album Strange Constellations is one of those that I’ve failed to mention even though I really like it. The album came out on Misra Records back in February and I bought a download soon after and it has stayed with me throughout the year. If all my beloved sad bastards have temporarily overstayed their welcome in my heart and depression tries to grow too much, this album is a damn fine kick in the ass. Sure William Matheny also delivers some gorgeous country-tinged ballads, but this one contains a whole lot of energy and rock’n’roll and even a softie like me needs that occasionally. There’s a little bit everything actually. The man has the ability to create beautiful pop melodies, convincing folk storytelling and Hold Steady-ish indie rockers. Maybe some songs fall into good-but-not-that-special category, but doesn’t really matter at all. 99.99% of albums have some of those, but only a selected few have such awesome ones like Blood Moon Singer and Teenage Bones.

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