The Weather Station – Impossible (video)

My blogging activity has again been next to none. I meant to do a lot this week, but a couple of 4 am wake ups due to the day job have turned my brain into a foggy mess and I’m incapable of forming a sentence. I will still hang on and continue no matter how infrequently. Of course, if I was wiser, I would let this slide into oblivion. This post would have been a good opportunity for that, because there’s probably not a better way to quit than share a song from possibly the finest album that I’ve covered here during the 16+ years of I’m still madly in love with the self-titled The Weather Station album that came out last year on Paradise of Bachelors / Outside Music. The album will be relevant for years to come, but this week even more so because there’s a new captivating music video available for the song Impossible. The new video was directed by Colin Medley. Watch it below and then go and listen to the whole powerful album.

And here’s another magnificent song that I probably haven’t shared. Actually I should probably write a blog entry about every single one of these songs, because they are all so dear to me.

The Weather Station Website

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