OCTA 18th Anniversary – The Sugarrush

We arrive into the the day 4 of the anniversary celebration somewhat tired, but it’s time to get the party started. Today’s the actual ”blog birthday”, so this baby of mine is now officially 18 years old and it’s able to vote, drive a car and drink responsibly. I’ll try to maintain some kind of leash so that things don’t go completely bonkers, but kids.. what’cha gonna do about it.

We will go directly to the foundation of the blog with this first song of the day. These faces might look familiar for those who have been with us since the opening day, but t-shirts are different and so is the singing language. This band is my all-time favorite The Sugarrush from Vaasa and their loud guitar pop albums in the late 90s and early 00s were a major inspiration when I started making One Chord To Another. Here’s an acoustic live version of Backstreet Girl. The original can be found from their Mirrorball Ballerinas album that came out in 2001.

Stereo Music video from the Mirror Ballerinas album.

One Chord to Another hits 18 years on the 17th of September and celebrates the long road with an online birthday party. During the anniversary week (14 – 22 of September) you will see unique live performances from the artists that shaped these 18 years of the blog. Follow the action on this blog and social media and feel free to comment if you so wish.

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