OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #285

Here’s a very quick midsummer edition of the new music weekly. I didn’t have a whole lot time to listen, so I’m sure there’s good stuff missing from this. Here we go anyway.

There’s new albums from Cooper Kenward, Lucas Benoit, Wes Tirey, Travis Feutz (EP), Katie Mae & The Lubrication, Matthew Paige (EP), Chamberlain / Gonzalez, Max Blansjaar and Johanna Samuels (EP).

Finnish releases this week are album from Tahmela Six plus singles from Yona & Arppa, Janeveera, Sami Heikkilä and Tuomo & Markus and Verneri Pohjola.

New Flora Hibberd song is the international single of the week. I’m a long time fan and can’t to wait hear this new album. It was also recorded and produced by Shane Leonard, which seems like a perfect match. Oh and The Softies are back. How lovely is that. I loved them back in the day and well still do. Then there’s a great powerful and thought-provoking protest song from Jordan Smart. Some other early faves came from Maxwell Stern, Chime School, Brent & Madeline, Carson McHone, Teenage Tom Petties, The Mellows, Pony Bradshaw, North Atlantic Explorers, Andrew Combs, Willie Watson… Again just to name a few. There’s a lot of magnificent singles this week.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Back next week I think. I have quite a busy week again, because there’s the NHL draft and then I have a work shift on Sunday too. But hopefully I manage to put this together somewhere along the way. Love and hugs.

1. Cooper Kenward – Over Easy (Dying in a Diner, Soggy Anvil Records)
2. Lucas Benoit – She’s Sick (Lucas Benoit)
3. Wes Tirey – Work 7 (Wes Tirey Sings Selected Works of Billy the Kid, Sun Cru)
4. Travis Feutz – Utah (Tales From the Old West Volume 1 EP)
5. Katie Mae & The Lubrication – To Live and Die (in Phoenix) (The Sighs and Strength, No Tilt)
6. Matthew Paige – Waste of Time (Strum, Stomp & Sing EP)
7. Chamberlain / Gonzalez – Light Weight (Gonzolain)
8. Johanna Samuels – First and the Last (First and the Last EP, Jealous Butcher Records)
9. Flora Hibberd – Auto Icon (single, 22Twenty)
10. The Softies – I Said What I Said (single, Father/Daughter Records)
11. Max Blansjaar – Burning In Our Name (False Comforts, Beanie Tapes)
12. Maxwell Stern – You Deserve a Great Love (single, Lauren Records)
13. Brent & Madeline – Hey Lloyd (single, A Primrose Recording)
14. Chime School – Give Your Heart Away (single, Slumberland)
15. Teenage Tom Petties – Kissed Me In Seattle (single, Safe Suburban Home x Repeating Cloud)
16. Carson McHone – (Lying Here With) Linda On My Mind (single, Merge Records)
17. The Mellows – Airline Woman (single)
18. North Atlantic Explorers – Conversation Piece (single)
19. Andrew Combs – Eventide (single, Loose Music)
20. Holly Arrowsmith – Blue Dreams (single, Blue Horse Records)
21. William Matheny – I Hardly Ever Think About You (single)
22. Pony Bradshaw – Ginseng Daddy (single, Black Mountain Music / Soundly)
23. Jordan Smart – Who Would Jesus Bomb? (single)
24. Tuomo & Markus and Verneri Pohjola – Anyhow Lane (single, Grandpop Records)
25. Tahmela Six – Cat of the Paju (Mount, Mustik Motel)
26. Yona & Arppa – Lalala (Happysad) (single, Johanna Kustannus)
27. Sami Heikkilä – Suruvaippa (single, Tulli-Levyt)
28. Janeveera – Kiinalainen vesikidutus (single, Sofia)
29. Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters – Big Year (single, Mule Kick Records)
30. Amy Annelle – Down and Out in Denver (single, High Plains Sigh)
31. Willie Watson – Real Love (single, Little Operation Records / Thirty Tigers)
32. The Down Hill Strugglers – Valley by the Stream (single, Jalopy Records)
33. Sophie Gault & Gabe Lee – Lately (single, Strong Place Music)
34. Caleb Stine – Ragged and Real (single)
35. Chris Huntt Jr – Second Thoughts (single, Basement Boys)
36. Elijah Ocean – Records (single)
37. Golden Everything – Holdin On’ (single, Rancho Deluxe Records)
38. Angela Autumn – The Boot Song (single, Tone Tree)
39. David Keenan – Radiate a Smile (single)
40. Good Good Blood – Forever Scars (single, Fox Food Records)
41. Maya de Vitry – Odds of Getting Even (single, Mad Maker Studio)
42. Oceanator – First Time (single, Polyvinyl)
43. Redd Kross – I’ll Take Your Word For It (single, In the Red Records)
44. Geoff Gordon – The County Law (single, Bee Side Cassettes)
45. Pale Jay – Easy, Lee (single, Karma Chief Records)
46. Thee Sacred Souls – Lucid Girl (single, Daptone Records)
47. Tindersticks – Nancy (single, Lucky Dog / City Slang)
48. Heidi Elmgren – Onni (Heidi Elmgren)
49. Mr Sam & The People People – Happily (single, Tape Dad / Gar Hole Records)
50. Eamon Fogarty – I’m an animal now (I’m an animal now, Orphean Kiosk Recordings)
51. TJ Douglas – Nothing Like Everything (Dying, Team Love)
52. Jean Ramsay – The Worm (Snowblind E.P.)

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