OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #284

Here we go again. This time a bit earlier edition.

The album of the week is the new Eamon Fogarty. I loved all the advance singles and the whole thing didn’t let me down. What a beauty. There’s also new albums from Mr. Sam & The People People, Sadler Vaden, TJ Douglas, Jason Hawk Harris (EP), The Decemberists, BenBen + Lily Desmond (EP), Donald Beaman, Ghost Party, Joe Ghatt, Jeffrey Silverstein (EP), Peter Oren (EP), Brian Sumner, Isobel Campbell, Jill Barber, Madeline Hawthorne, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs and Jess Cornelius.

The Finnish part of this is led by the new EP from Jean Ramsay and the new album from Heidi Elmgren. Jean Ramsay’s gorgeous The Snowblind E.P. has been out for a couple of months, but now you can also find it from these evil streaming platforms. I just saw Heidi Elmgren live earlier today at lovely Martinfest 4 and enjoyed that concert a whole lot. I highly recommend the new album too. Other great Finnish cuts this week are singles from SaintPolis, Eerie Deer, AK-77, Lemmenpyssyt, Ocelot, Emilia Sisco and Bobby Oroza.

Finally the international singles. Some early favorites there are new ones from Rainy Eyes, Jake Xerxes Fussell, The Deslondes, Nap Eyes, India Ramey, Justin Townes Earle, Jack M. Senff, West of Roan, Beachwood Sparks.. again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Next week is midsummer and therefore I’m not sure am I going to do this or not. I’ll let you know on the social platforms. If not, I will try to cover two weeks with the next episode. Until then. Love love love.

1. Eamon Fogarty – Aduantas (I’m an animal now, Orphean Kiosk Recordings)
2. Mr. Sam & The People People – Now That I Know You (Again! Again! Tape Dad / Gar Hole Records)
3. Jason Hawk Harris – Give Myself To You (Breakup Songs Are Love Songs Too Vol 1 EP, Bloodshot Records)
4. Sadler Vaden – I’ll Always Come Back (Dad Rock, Dirty Mag Records / Thirty Tigers)
5. The Decemberists – Long White Veil (As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again, YABB Records / Thirty Tigers)
6. TJ Douglas – What’s a Body Anyway (Dying, Team Love)
7. BenBen + Lily Desmond – Ian Anderson’s Voice (White Elephant EP, Perpetual Doom)
8. Donald Beaman – Awhile (Fox on Mirror Glass, Royal Oakie Records)
9. Ghost Party – Cardboard Moon (Ghost Moves, Outtaphase Musik)
10. Joe Ghatt – A Cold Wind (Caper, Third Eye Stimuli Records)
11. Jeffrey Silverstein – Cog In the Wheel (Roseway EP, Arrowhawk Records)
12. Brian Sumner – Give Me Feeling (War and Peace)
13. Peter Oren – Cloud Song (Cloud Song EP, Sentinel Species)
14. Jill Barber – Nuages (ENCORE! Outside Music)
15. Isobel Campbell – Second Guessing (Bow to Love, Cooking Vinyl)
16. Jess Cornelius – The Surgeon (CARE/TAKING, Tender Loving Empire)
17. Madeline Hawthorne – Long Drive to Bozeman (Tales From Late Nights & Long Drives)
18. Jenny Don’t and the Spurs – Broken Hearted Blue (Broken Hearted Blue, Fluff & Gravy Records)
19. India Ramey – Baptized by the Blaze (single, Mule Kick Records)
20. The Deslondes – Take Me Back (single, New West Records)
21. Rainy Eyes – A Little Dream (single, Royal Potato Family)
22. Justin Townes Earle – Dreams (single, New West Records)
23. Jake Xerxes Fussell – Gone to Hilo (single, Fat Possum Records)
24. Jean Ramsay – The White Page (Snowblind E.P.)
25. SaintPolis – Words, Etc. (single, SaintPoliSongs)
26. Eerie Deer – Letters from Hell (single, Eine Records)
27. AK-77 – Kesä-96 (single)
28. Lemmenpyssyt – Rauhaa & Rakkautta (single, Soit Se Silti)
29. Rakkaudella Janne – Billy-Boy (single, Stupido Records)
30. Heidi Elmgren – Murheet ja muu typeryys (Heidi Elmgren, Musakonttori)
31. Ocelot – Sun silmillä (single, Soliti)
32. Emilia Sisco and Cold Diamond & Mink – Let Me In (single, Timmion Records)
33. Bobby Oroza feat Max Shrager – Goddess (single, Big Crown Records)
34. Floating Action – Stay Glued (Still Holding) (single, Airloom)
35. Beachwood Sparks – Gentle Samurai (single, Curation Records)
36. Duff Thompson – It’s Good (singe)
37. Nap Eyes – Demons (single, Paradise of Bachelors)
38. The Medium – City Life (single, Earth Libraries)
39. New Starts – Asbestos Roof (single, Fika Recordings)
40. Richard Tripps – Between the Morning (single, Perpetual Doom)
41. Jack M. Senff – Best We Can (single, Skeletal Lightning)
42. Blaine Todd – Everyman (single, Perpetual Doom)
43. The Golden Roses – Guy Clark Kind of Night (single)
44. Embla and the Karidotters – Bluebird (single, Die With Your Boots On Records)
45. R.R. Williams – Tulsa (single, Black Mesa Records)
46. Jeffrey Foucault – Universal Fire (single, Fluff and Gravy Records)
47. The Cactus Blossoms – There She Goes (single, Walkie Talkie Records)
48. West of Roan – Let No One Steal Your Thyme (single, Spinster)
49. Holy Matter – Wishing Well (single, Royal Oakie Records)
50. Ystävät – Tyädellinen (Ystävät, KHY Suomen Musiikki)

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