OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #286

Another busy weekend, but here’s finally a new music weekly. Trying to cover the past two weeks with this one and I’m pretty sure I missed a whole lot of good stuff.

New Gabriel Birnbaum is the album of the week(s). There’s also great new albums from Laughing, Bacchae, Joe Wunderle, Charlie Overman, Zach Bryan, Alice Wallace, Kaitlin Butts, Silverada, The Golden Roses, Aaron Frazer, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, The Felice Brothers, Rose Gerber (EP), Duff Thompson, Wilco (EP), Richard Tripps, Alluvial Nuggets, Redd Kross, Nighttime, and Queen of Jeans.

Only a few Finnish things on this monster playlist, but I love them all dearly. My big favorite ITE EEROLA has a new double single and that is always a big deal. The singles from Haamusoittajat and Nikita Titov also hit the core of my heart. Then there’s also single gold from Juha Mäki-Patola and new Timmion artist Bronze, Silver and Brass.

There’s a huge amount of gorgeous international singles. Some early favorites came from Erin Durant, Drew Beskin, Jennifer Castle, Erisy Watt, Melissa Carper, MJ Lenderman, Caleb Stine, Adam Remnant, Chris Emmert & Austin Stambaugh, Bob Sumner, I Was a King, Icarus Phoenix, Sinai Vessel and so many others.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Back again next week. Hopefully. There probably will be 1-2 missed weekends during this summertime. I’ll let you know on the social platforms, if and when I skip a week. Love love love.

1. Gabriel Birnbaum – Laughing Backwards (Patron Saint of Tireless Losers, Western Vinyl)
2. Laughing – You and I (Because It’s True, Meritorio Records)
3. Bacchae – New Jersey (Next Time, Get Better Records)
4. Joe Wunderle – When the Rain Comes Down on the Caravan (And His Caravan Orchestra, Anti-Corp)
5. Charlie Overman – Linda Jean (Charlie Overman)
6. Zach Bryan feat John Moreland – Memphis: The Blues (The Great American Bar Scene, Belting Bronco Records / Warner Records)
7. Kaitlin Butts – Spur (Roadrunner! Soundly Music)
8. Alice Wallace – Looking (Here I Am, Mule Kick Records)
9. Silverada – Stubborn Son (Silverada, Prairie Rose Records)
10. The Golden Roses – Heartbreak Fixer Uppers (Heartbreak Fixer Uppers)
11. Aaron Frazer – Play On (Into the Blue, Dead Oceans)
12. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – I Would Like to Heal (South of Here, Stax Records)
13. The Felice Brothers – Black Is My True Love’s Hair (Valley of Abandoned Songs, Million Stars)
14. Rose Gerber – Captain (Untraveled Highway EP)
15. Duff Thompson – More Than You’ll Ever Know (Shadow People II)
16. Wilco – Annihilation (Hot Sun Cool Shroud EP, dBpm Records)
17. Richard Tripps – All Things Moving On (Between the Morning, Perpetual Doom)
18. Alluvial Nuggets – Coz I Luv You (Alluvial Nuggets, Lost and Lonesome)
19. Redd Kross – The Main Attraction (Redd Kross, In the Red Records)
20. Queen of Jeans – Go Down Easy (All Again, Memory Music)
21. Nighttime – Cali-for-ni-a (Lone Star)
22. Erin Durant – Spiraling (single, Ruination Record Co)
23. Jennifer Castle – Blowing Kisses (single, Solstice Radio / Paradise of Bachelors)
24. Erisy Watt – Anywhere With You (single, First City Artists)
25. ITE EEROLA – Linnut (single, Panama-levyt)
26. Haamusoittajat – Galaktinen kalakeitto (single)
27. Nikita Titov – Kirkas tähtiyö (single)
28. Juha Mäki-Patola – Sunpath (single, Moderna Records)
29. Bronze, Silver & Brass – Conrad’s Lesson (single, Timmion Records)
30. Kelly Finnigan – My Love Is For You (single, Colemine Records)
31. Benny Trokan – It’s Time (single, Daptone Records)
32. Melissa Carper – Somewhere Between Texas and Tennessee (single, Mae Music / Thirty Tigers)
33. Elijah Ocean – I’ll Take a Pitcher (single)
34. Bob Sumner – Motel Room (single, Fluff and Gravy Records)
35. Chris Emmert & Austin Stambaugh – Ain’t That Like It Is (single, Anti-Corp)
36. Caleb Caudle – Knee Deep Blues (single, Missing Piece Records)
37. Gus Clark & The Least of His Problems – Cheap Shots (single, Plastic Pistol Records)
38. American Aquarium – Messy as a Magnolia (single, Losing Side Records / Thirty Tigers)
39. MJ Lenderman – She’s Leaving You (single, Anti)
40. Drew Beskin – Long List of Demands (single, Super Canoe / WBAZ Records)
41. Fightmilk – Summer Bodies (single, Fika Recordings)
42. Bad Moves – Hallelujah (single, Don Giovanni Records)
43. Best Bets – Monster (single, Meritorio Records)
44. I Was a King – Favourite Colours (single)
45. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – All Night (single, Tough Love)
46. Sad Eyed Beatniks – It’s Who Makes the Scene (single, Meritorio Records)
47. Giant Day – Ignore The Flood (single, Elephant 6 Recording Co)
48. Sinai Vessel – Laughing (single, Keeled Scales)
49. Icarus Phoenix – High Tide (single)
50. Adam Remnant – Coming Down (single, Coiled Myth Records)
51. Jack M. Senff – Kickin’ Around (single, Skeletal Lightning)
52. Caleb Stine – If I Could Catch Moonlight (single)
53. Anders Jörnesten – On the Outskirts of Town (single)
54. Marley Hale – Dear Girl (single)
55. Kiely Connell – Restless Bones (single, Calumet Queen Records / Thirty Tigers)
56. Matt Moran & Rebecca Porter – Smoke and Mirrors (single, Broken Tenor Records)
57. Mac Leaphart – Rock & Roll, Hey (single)
58. Carolyn Shulman – Little Sparrow (single, CJS Music)
59. Rachel Baiman & Nicholas Jamerson – The Vine That Ate the South (single, Signature Sounds Recordings)
60. Lance Howell – Bleeding Rose (single)
61. Will Quinlan – Bluebirds (My Empty Page) (single, Ironweed Music Recordings)
62. VanWyck – Desert Bride (single, Maiden Name Records)
63. MAITA – Break Up Song x 3 (single, Fluff and Gravy Records)
64. Nick Delffs – Without Touching (single, Mama Bird Recording Co)
65. Sam and Louise Sullivan – I Got a Light (single, Historic New Jersey Recordings)
66. Skylar Gudasz – Truck (single, Perseids Records)
67. Little Mystery – Shame (single, Ruination Record Co)
68. Allegra Krieger – Never Arriving (single, Double Double Whammy)
69. Lena Minder – Build a Home (single, Royal Tea Music)
70. West of Roan – By All the Light (single, Spinster)
71. Wila Frank – Truly Broken (single)
72. Dominic Angelella – Freaks of the Optical Daytime (single, Dumb Solitaire)
73. Toby Goodshank – Come Crawling (single)
74. Chris Cohen – Night or Day (single, Hardly Art)
75. Floating Action – Say a Prayer (single, Airloom)
76. Thorsten Nesch – The Next Beach (single, Polterzeitgeist Records)
77. Cooper Kenward – Lost Ones (Dying in a Diner, Soggy Anvil Records)
78. Lucas Benoit – Waste of Time (Lucas Benoit)

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