Jack Grelle – Got Dressed Up to Be Let Down


One more small blurb about great American songwriting for tonight, because I don’t know will I have any energy to write this during the weekdays. St.Louis-based Country / Americana songwriter Jack Grelle is someone that I actually just found last summer and his 2014 album Steering Me Away kept me company on my way to work and back several times back then. So I’m a very new fan, but I’m getting more and more hooked into his words and melodies as the days fly by. His new album Got Dressed Up to Be Let Down came out 28th of October on Big Muddy Recordings and I’m very fond of it. Here are the opening track Heart’s For Mine and the title track from the fabulous new Jack Grelle album.

Jack Grelle Website

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Courtney Marie Andrews – How Quickly Your Heart Mends (video)


I really love the new Courtney Marie Andrews album Honest Life. Definitely an album of the year contender. Only thing left to decide is which year. In the US it came out couple of months ago on Mama Bird Recording Co, but the UK/Europe release will be on Loose Music in January 2017. Damn these different release dates even though I’m sure there are some very understandable reasons behind them. Anyway, the album is brilliant and a huge favourite of mine. There’s also a brand new video for the song How Quickly Your Heart Mends. Watch that below and after that I also highly recommend checking out this recent KEXP Session.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

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Dan Edmonds – Ladies on the Corner


Dan Edmonds – Ladies on the Corner (Missed Connection Records, 2016)

A pretty great Canadian band Harlan Pepper broke up a while back. Probably just few months after your ignorant blogger finally found them. Might have actually been better, if I had not found them though, because at the moment onechord.net seems to be using the motto from one of their songs. The song went something like “let it slide / that’s my motto / it hasn’t done me much good” and that sums up what I’ve been doing lately. That’s why I still haven’t written about this beauty of an album. Dan Edmonds was the frontman of Harlan Pepper and he is still writing wonderful songs. New and excellent solo album Ladies On The Corner came out October 7th on Missed Connection Records. Here’s a video for the song To Be That Needle and my personal favourite from the album Can’t Stop Thinking.

Dan Edmonds Website

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