Huck Notari – Kickstarter for third album!

Breaking News! Huck Notari is finally about to make a third album and he needs our help!

I’m a huge fan and I love his music. Therefore every now and then, I check out has there been any new devolopments. Now there is and Huck Notari has just started a kickstarter to fund his upcoming third album. Huck might still be criminally unknown, but he is a major talent and the first two albums are both wonderful. Watch the video of Wall Around Your Heart from his 2009 album Very Long Dream, if you don’t take my word for it. I know I’ve posted it before, but I could post this every day and it would still be relevant and hold its charm. I rarely post about kickstarter projects (even though I like them), but this is so important that I want to do my small part in spreading the word.

Huck Notari Website
Huck Notari kickstarter for making third album

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Janne Laurila & Tuhlaajapojat

The big news of the week was that Lumpeela julkaisut released the long-waited new Janne Laurila & Tuhlaajapojat album on wednesday 30th of january. Janne Laurila is definitely one of my favourite vocalists in the country/world and it’s great to hear that voice on a full-length album once again. The songwriting is mighty good as well and the band knows how to stylishly inject these beautiful songs into your veins. Album release tour is already going on and you shouldn’t miss their live concert if you live within reasonable distance. Sami Sänpäkkilä directed music video for the song Salainen Haave and you can watch that beautiful thing below.

Janne Laurila & Tuhlaajapojat on tour:

La 09.02. Monttu, Pori
Pe 15.02. Kuka, Turka
Pe 22.02. Vakiopaine, Jyväskylä

Janne Laurila: Salainen Haave from Sami Sänpäkkilä on Vimeo.

Janne Laurila at Facebook
Lumpeela julkaisut Website

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Pickering Pick – (Tropic)

Pickering Pick has a new album (Tropic) out on Yer Bird Records. If you are a regular reader, you are well aware that Pickering Pick has become one of my favourite singer-songwriters over the past few years. When it comes to folk singer-songwriters Pickering Pick, Chris Bathgate, Small Houses and Hezekiah Jones have somehow become the dearest quartet (ok, last year Barna Howard and Paul Otteson released amazing albums, so maybe I should include them as well).

(Tropic) is another endearing folk album from Pickering Pick. The first reaction might even be that this is just more of the same. That I’ve already heard this on the previous albums. For me, felling in love with an invidual song by Pickering Pick is hardly ever instant, but eventually it happens almost every time. Folk music might not be the most complex artform in the world, but somehow Pickering Pick’s songs reveal more layers of beauty each time you listen to them and then suddenly on some fragile moment you realise that “the just another” Pickering Pick song have become a companion piece to your soul. This man is a true artist and the new album (Tropic) is filled with magical folk songs that will take care of you. This is the single, Standing Stone. Stream/buy the whole beautiful thing at Yer Bird’s bandcamp.

Pickering Pick Website
Yer Bird Website

PS. Yer Bird is having a really strong start this year and will also release the new amazing Small Houses album in february. More about that later on (most likely an album of the month february piece).

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