Album of the Month: Small Houses – Exactly Where You Wanted To Be

The new Small Houses album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be is due out 26th of february on Yer Bird Records. I’m a bit early then, but this needs to be album of the month and it feels like march is too far away. I’ve been a huge fan of Jeremy Quentin’s folk project Small Houses since the previous album North came out in 2011. That was my first encounter with Small Houses and Jeremy instantly won my heart over. In the end, North ended up #6 on my albums of the year list and Late July was my favourite song of the year.

The new album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be is just as impressive as North was. Objectively speaking it’s even more impressive, because Jeremy has since become even stronger and more confident songwriter without losing the fragile and gentle honesty of his music (subjectively the album that made you found a new artist to love, always has that certain magic surrounding it). Exactly Where You Wanted To Be contains only eight songs, but it still holds more depth, value and subtle grace inside than most double albums do. It’s definitely my favourite record of the year so far (ok, I’m just starting with the new Frontier Ruckus, so Small Houses might soon have a contender). There are a lot of good folk singer-songwriter albums out there, but these songs are just so well crafted and beautifully phrased that the album stands out, grabs your arm and takes you out for a date that might turn into a lifelong relationship.

This is Oh, Hiding Out from the new album. There’s also a video for Our Sweet coming out soon and I will post that later on as a video of the day. There’s also a brand new Folkadelphia session at bandcamp. And there might be more great Small Houses news later in the year, if things work out. Oh and you can obviously already pre-order the album from Yer Bird.

Small Houses Website
Small Houses at Facebook

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Frontier Ruckus – Eternity of Dimming

More incredible new releases. I’m quite a newbie when it comes to Michigan-based folk group Frontier Ruckus. It took me until last year to find them, but then I finally bought their earlier albums Orion Songbook and Deadmalls & Nightfalls and my ears convinced my heart that I have a new favourite band. I haven’t heard the whole new Frontier Ruckus album Eternity of Dimming yet, but their american label Quite Scientific have about half of the songs streaming on their bandcamp store and based on those I’m in for a real treat when the copy that the local record store ordered for me arrives. Maybe I should book a doctor appointment in advance, because I’m fairly certain that my jaw drops to the floor out of pure amazement. A double album sounds a bit scary but I think Frontier Ruckus will carry me through it without any drop in quality of the songs. Eternity of Dimming is out in the UK/Europe february 11th on Loose Music. This is Eyelashes from the new album.

Frontier Ruckus Website

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Jacco Gardner – Cabinet of Curiosities

Oh my. I’m just listening to the new Jacco Gardner album on soundcloud for the first time and I’m pretty stunned. Jacco Gardner from the Netherlands is making wonderful baroque pop, psych pop and the Cabinet of Curiosities is out on Trouble In Mind and Excelsior Recordings on february 11th. The debut single was a video of the day a year ago, so I knew Jacco was great and going places, but still I didn’t expect his debut to be so mindblowingly awesome as Cabinet Of Curiosities seems to be. Ok, it’s still early days, I haven’t even listened the whole thing yet, but I just love everything I hear so much that I already had to start spreading the word. This one below is Summer’s Game. You can stream the whole beautiful album at soundcloud and Spotify.

Jacco Gardner Website
Jacco Gardner at Facebook

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