News: TV-Resistori

Today is a good day. TV-Resistori’s long-awaited third album will hit the record stores and our hearts. I’m extremely excited about this one, because it’s been five years since the previous album and I’m in desperate need of some ingenious indie pop songs. TV-Resistori have always been able to deliver the good stuff and I’m 100% sure that the new album will be lovely and totally amazing. It will be released by Fonal Records who has created this wonderful soundcloud set to introduce old and new masterpieces from the band. The first 4 tracks are from the new self-titled album.

Tv-resistori by Fonal Records

TV-Resistori Website
Fonal Records Website

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NT’s White Trash

Some great news. NT’s White Trash’s debut album Mourning Becomes Electric will be released on 18th of may by Stupido Records. What the hell is NT’s White Trash you might ask. Well I didn’t know either before I got the e-mail. It’s ex-Treeball & ex-Supermodel Nick Triani’s new group. The band also features other finnish indie heroes Janne Lehtinen, Heikki Tikka and Henrik Domingo. It’s pretty hard to make final conclusions about their sound based on one song so let’s steal Nick’s words from their soundcloud page:

“NT’s White Trash is loose and ragged by choice, and an opportunity to bridge the gap between my old band Supermodel’s lo-fi thrash and Treeball’s more considered pop. The album title refers to this new opportunity to turn things up!”

Listen to the first outtake The Whistle from the upcoming album below. Sounds great if you ask me.

04 Whistle by NT’s White Trash

NT’s White Trash Website
NT’s White Trash at facebook

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Review: Heartjet – Goodbye, Stan EP

Heartjet: Goodbye, Stan EP (2010)

I’ve written about this finnish power pop duo a few times, but Heartjet deserves another push. After all, exists because of bands like Heartjet. Nowadays there just aren’t too many bands around that are influenced by the greatest bands/artists ever like The Posies, Jason Falkner, Brendan Benson, Matthew Sweet and Nada Surf. Therefore when new one enters the picture and shows that they can also write great songs themselves, it is a huge deal here at the onechord headquarters.

Goodbye, Stan EP is only available as a digital download, but it’s definitely worth buying even for those old bastards like myself who still prefer those round thingies. Sure it’s not the greatest power pop release you’ll ever hear, but they are pretty damn good already. If you have any interest towards 90’s power pop scene etc, I’m sure you will enjoy this. The songs are great and the harmonies are beautiful. It ranges from The Posies-influenced rockin’ power pop towards almost folky alternative pop and everything sounds really good. My favourite is still the powerpoppin’ greatness of Do You Doubt It?. The influences clearly shine through, but who cares when the influences couldn’t be any better and the song is marvellous. Goodbye, Stan is a really good debut EP. I’m looking forward for more.

Heartjet at facebook
Heartjet at myspace

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Album of the Month: Samae Koskinen – Kuuluuko, kuuntelen

Samae Koskinen: Kuuluuko, kuuntelen (KHY Suomen Musiikki, 2011)

I’m totally in love with this album. I know I just got this eight days ago, but I think I already know all the songs by heart. This album instantly became a friend that entertains me, comforts me and takes care of me. Isn’t that what good friends are supposed to do.  Like all the regular readers know, I’m a shy guy with a lot of insecurities and huge self esteem issues and this album (especially with the songs Tarinoita and Nuorelle miehelle) finds the way to deal with those subjects so beautifully and therapeutically that real-life Crane brothers would struggle to come up with a better way to make one feel better about himself/herself . There’s no pity, judgement or cynicism. Just open-hearted warmness and straightforward emotions. My life is good and even during the miserable days I’ve always had a strong belief that even the longest nights lead to daylight and things will eventually work out well. However, I know that on some level I will battle with low self esteem all my life and therefore it’s good to have Samae around ready to tell me that I’m beautiful. That’s a voice that I will hear. I’m listening.

Kuuluuko, kuuntelen is a delightful pop album. This album is a whole lot of fun and full of pure excitement just as much as it is moving and influential. Samae shows that you can leave a mark and handle difficult subjects without cutting your heart in two with the wrong side of a knife. The album is insanely catchy and melodic and the arrangements are gorgeous throughout the record. Even though I’ve kind of focused into those songs that deal with insecurities and lack of self belief, that’s only one side of this thoughtfully crafted story. Actually, the key track for me, and by far the greatest song of the year so far, is Hän, jolla on kaikki. A perfect song about getting married. It’s so beautiful. Just like Samae. Maybe just like me.

Samae Koskinen Website

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