Power Pop #9: Stiv Bators – Make Up Your Mind

I admit that I don’t really know much about The Dead Boys or The Lords Of The New Church, which is probably criminal. Especially because I love the Stiv Bators solo singles/albums that he released in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Things like Make Up Your Mind, Not That Way Anymore, Last Year, It’s Cold Outside are absolutely perfect. I’ve heard them a million times and they still sound bloody amazing. Anyone of them could and should be featured, because this punk rocker released some of the best pop songs there is (not that he wrote all the songs. Some were covers, some he co-wrote… This great track was written by David Quinton if I’m not mistaken).

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Power Pop #8: Frank Blake – Don’t Let Love Pass You By

Still no Scottish pop music on this section. Now that’s just wrong. Let’s leave Sparky’s Dream for the future and start with a little less known tune. There’s some usual suspects behind it though. Frank Blake was basicly Norman Blake and Francis McDonald and they recorded a few songs in the mid 90’s that appeared on the Shoeshine Chartbusters compilation (probably 7 inch single as well, I only own Alex Chilton’s Shoeshine single). Anyway, Don’t Let Love Pass You By is one of my all-time favourites. Maybe it’s not really power pop, but it’s definitely a perfect pop song in my books. I so love the lyrics and I think those words might have had a big influence on me. I listened this songs hundreds of times back in the day and those words really hit me, because I was an incredibly shy boy (and still am) and to me even saying hi to a girl was scarier than watching a Steven Seagal movie marathon. I don’t know can I thank Frank Blake for it, but in the end I did found love and I didn’t let it pass me by.

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Power Pop #6: Sloan – The Rest of My Life

There’s two reasons to pick the wonderful Canadian indie rock / power pop group Sloan tonight. 1) This blog is celebrating 10 year anniversary next saturday at Pikku-Torre and Sloan has been quite a big influence over the years. One Chord to Another is an album by Sloan and another Sloan album Pretty Together was the first album I ever reviewed. 2) Today Sloan informed that they are offering a new digital singles album for free. It’s entitled Sloan – Select Singles 1992-2011, it contains 14 great Sloan singles and you can download it for free from NoiseTrade. It’s extremely difficult to pick just one song from it, because I pretty much love all those 14 singles. But I’m an extremely logical person and therefore I think I don’t pick anything from One Chord to Another or Pretty Together this time around and instead go with this beauty from their seventh album Action Pact (released in 2003).

Sloan Website

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