Power Pop #14: Matthew Sweet – Sick of Myself

There’s a new Matthew Sweet album Modern Art coming out on 27th of september and that’s a good reason to pick one of the greatest songs ever. Matthew Sweet is already a legend and he has written dozens of perfect pop songs. Especially in the early and mid-nineties he was in incredible form and released three pop classics Girlfriend, Altered Beast and 100% Fun. The newer material has also been mostly damn good, so I’m looking forward to the new album. I could keep this section alive with Matthew Sweet’s songs for a month, but if I have to choose just one, it’s got to be Sick of Myself from the album 100% Fun (released in 1995). If you want to hear more pop classics, Matthew has a great sampler at Soundcloud.

Oh and this great song below is the first single She Walks The Night from the new album Modern Art.


Oh #2: You can download a free Matthew Sweet live Ep from Noisetrade.

Matthew Sweet Website

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Power Pop #13: The Kidda Band – Get Off The Telephone

The Kidda Band (aka The Incredible Kidda Band) was a british power pop group in the late 70s and early 80s. I admit that this was the only song I knew from them before checking out some youtube videos that proved that they had other great songs as well. I think I need to buy their compilation at some point, but let’s stick with Get Off The Telephone for now, because it’s the song I know by heart and it also has a pretty cool video. So watch this beauty if you are looking for fashion tips or simple but damn brilliant power pop song.

The Kidda Band Website

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Power Pop #12: Sunnyboys – Happy Man

The world tour of power pop classics takes me back to Australia. The Sunnyboys from Sydney released their debut album in 1981 and it is a classic and full of great songs. Especially the singles Happy Man and Alone With You are friggin’ awesome. This is the first single Happy Man and it’s definitely one of those songs that easily qualifies to the “hey, this must be the best song ever” -list.

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