Crayon Fields (aus) & The Motifs (aus) at Dynamo, Turku 14.05.2009

Thursday will be an exciting day in Turku. First, Inter-TPS football derby at Kupittaa and then two great australian pop bands hit the stage at Dynamo. I really loved Crayon Fields’s debut album Animal Bells back in 2006. I gave it 4 1/2 hearts back then and it appeared as #11 on albums of the year 2006 list. So I’m definitely excited about this concert. The fact that their new songs might be even greater does not exactly make my expectations lower. This is wonderful dreamy and sugary pop music. In my Animal Bells review I apparently jumped to the feared namedropping mode and threw in names like The Heavy Blinkers, Ashley Park, High Llamas, The Zombies, The Beach Boys, Harry Nillsson. Was I getting carried away. Maybe, but a bad reviewer like yours truly just couldn’t find a way to describe Geoff O’Connor’s greatness. Years haven’t made me a better reviewer, but Geoff has gotten even better as a songwriter. Here’s a new song:

Crayon Fields at myspace

The Motifs
is also an excellent group if you happen to like sweet indie pop like Pipas, The Softies etc and I definitely do. I’m really looking forward to thursday.

The Motifs at myspace

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