Pete Molinari’s Finland Tour With Flannelmouth

This just hit my mailbox:

Live Nation and Kaiku Agency proudly present joint tour of British country blues genius Pete Molinari and Helsinki indie act Flannelmouth. Tour Dates are as follows: August 18 Helsinki, Virgin Oil Co. August 19 Turku, Bar Kuka. August 20 Porvoo, Bar Soho. August 21 Tampere, Telakka.”

Pretty excited about this and I definitely will go to the concert in Turku.

Pete Molinari Website

Pete Molinari at myspace

Flannelmouth Website
Flannelmouth at myspace

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News: Flannelmouth, Cats On Fire, Tink, Valley Below

Just a quick news round-up. I’ve missed several important bits during the christmas holidays.


Flannelmouth’s new album The Heart Cannot Hold has been released by Jäänsärkijä Records. Check out their new website and myspace for more information.

Flannelmouth Website

Flannelmouth at myspace


New digital Cats On Fire single The Hague is available for free. It’s a co-release by Johanna Kustannus and Cosy Recordings. You can download it from the Cosy Recordings website.

Cosy Recordings Website


I just noticed that Tink has two new songs on his myspace. A very very fine songs too I might add. My soundtrack for this late night.

Tink at myspace


Valley Below is getting ready to release their second album Dog Day. The release date is 22.01.2010, but you can already listen to three songs on their myspace. My favourite is the last one called Kick-Off. Somehow it makes me think of Poverty Stinks which is a good thing.

Valley Below Website

Oh.. and that albums of the year list. It’s actually finished. I’ll start the countdown thingy tomorrow evening / night and work from the 40th place to the album of the year. That album of the year should be revealed on sunday at the latest. I’ll try to add 10 every day and that would mean it should be done on friday night. But in case I’m busy it might take a day or two longer. I will see how many times I can still change my mind about the first place during this countdown. It was a battle between TAB and BE and I had a hard time deciding. But now I’m fairly confident that I’ve made my decision… or maybe not…

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News: Koria Kitten Riot & Flannelmouth

Koria Kitten Riot


Koria Kitten Riot’s self-titled debut album was released on 28th of october. A big thank you to Solmu Records for releasing it. I don’t have it yet, but I’m definitely going to buy it. You can listen to sound clips on his myspace.

Koria Kitten Riot at myspace

Koria Kitten Riot photo by Aleksi Rinta-Kauppila


Flannelmouth is getting active again and have recorded a follow up to their debut album Rain Inside. You can hear the first single Make a Move from the upcoming album on their myspace. The album entitled The Heart Cannot Hold will be released in january by Jäänsärkijä Records.

Flannelmouth Website
Flannelmouth at myspace

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