Review: Eels – End Times

Eels: End Times (E Works, 2010)

Am I a bad person because I always get drawn to Mark Oliver Everett’s music when he is in his most vulnerable and broken state and the happier moments of his music haven’t made equally lasting impression? End Times is the eight Eels album and it ranks among the better half of his wonderful catalogue of albums. It’s bare, intimate and painfully real album about broken love. More people should record albums in their basements with four track tape machines, because End Times sounds much more alive, pure and honest than 99% of the music you hear. End Times might not have much hit potential, but it’s a wonderful album that holds a lot of real dark-coloured beauty inside and in the end hope is an option, not a curse word. “One sweet day I’ll be back on my feet / and I’ll be alright / I just gotta get back on my feet”. I sure hope so mr. E. Even if I’m still a sad case and spent my time listening to these vulnerable masterpieces.


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