Video of the Day #125: Dietrich Strause


I’ve been kind of bad at updating lately, so I don’t think I’ve posted about the greatness of Dietrich Strause. I found him few months back and have been keeping an ear on ever since. He just had a succesful kickstarter and will release a new album later in the year. While waiting I can listen to this song Lemonade Springs over and over again. I don’t know will it feature on the upcoming album, but it’s certainly a well crafted and beautifully delivered folk song. I also have to post the song Annie Dear, because not-to-post-it would just feel criminal. Such a damn fine song as well. Boston-based Dietrich Strause is a very gifted songwriter and I have really high hopes for the upcoming album. This is Lemonade Springs.

Dietrich Strause Website
Dietrich Strause at bandcamp

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