Moonsocket – Eurydice


Chris Thompson from the legendary Eric’s Trip just released a new album Eurydice under the moniker Moonsocket. There’s no words to describe this. The loss of a loved one and coping with the loss of a loved one put into words and music in such a remarkable manner. It’s honest, fragile, devastating and breaks my heart into tiny pieces. I’m not sure is there a human being that could watch that video of the song The Future Isn’t A We without being deeply moved. Eurydice is a tough one to listen to, but the warmness and serene humanity of it still somehow hides all that sadness underneath it in the end and becomes the emotion that will stay in your heart after listening to it. The last song Shaped by Your Love is something incredible and a beautiful ending to this emotion-filled album. I shed some tears during that song. Actually I shed a lot of tears of during that song. A remarkable album that everyone should hear.

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