Last Leaves – The World We Had (single/video)

Brilliant news for the fans of the Australian indie pop legends The Lucksmiths. And well brilliant news for pop fans in general, because I’m 100% sure that Last Leaves will charm the world with its own pop magic and it won’t be just a sidenote to The Lucksmiths story. Last Leaves does contain three members of The Lucksmiths (Marty Donald, Mark Monnone, Louis Richter) and Noah Symons from Great Earthquake. If I’m not mistaken the primary songwriter is Marty Donald. The excellent first single and video The World We Had came out a few weeks ago and full-length album Other Towns Than Ours will follow October 13 on Lost And Lonesome (Aus) and Matinée Recordings (USA). I can hardly wait, but before setting up a camp outside the record store I’ll keep on spinning The World We Had over and over again.

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